Sunday, October 30, 2011

21st Century Blues

self-immolation -
unable to look away,
unable to speak
the match's flare
the fine whisp of smoke

as the clock tolls
morning and afternoon
stupid clouds
they rise from the east
cast shadows on the temples

with poison wings
they cover their mouths
above a city of urns
no rank or substance
in internet eyes

the sun sets
the sun rises
mute silence
with a strange light

slogans dripping
from all the banners
a crowd gathers
singing the songs
twenty-first century blues


Wrick said...

I like these blues.

one thuoht... is the possessive of match needed?

could "the match flare" work? ...just a thought.

I like the strength of the closing two lines...

with a strange light"



bandit said...

I think grammatically it may be necessary -

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