Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Adelaide said...

A lovely photo. There appears to be some kind of writing on the bricks. Where was this taken?


altadenahiker said...

Lovely. Are they real?

william sorlien said...

Hi you two,

Two of my favorite ladies -

This is the wall across from my door, which opens to the alley. Walk to the west and you're on Arcade St., which is also the iconic Highway 61, btw.

Across Arcade, which with Payne Ave.(Snoose Blvd), farther west and parallel, made up a vibrant retail area going back 100 years or so. Swede Hollow lies to the south a bit, beneath the old Hamm's mansion and close by the brewery site itself.

OK - the wall has names etched into the soft Chicago brick going back to the Depression, I suppose. Gives you an indication of the age of the neighborhood. My walk up flat is a little house on the antique store, a structure built in 1899 or so. The kids from Cleveland High, directly west, did most of etching, I reckon.

And yes, those are real flowers, at the end of their bloom, the end of the summer, gradually fading in the autumn light.

Lots of inspiration has been brought by this scene for some time now - the flower thief - haiku, detritus blown down the alley - renku, a thousand voices - tanka, and more than you know! Something about old brick, light and shadow, memory and age, that entices me to write.

altadenahiker said...

Thank you. I always love your explanations.