Monday, November 13, 2017

deep and deeper

I thought that might get your attention. It's difficult, that's for certain. In light of the seductive pull of social media, nigh impossible.

Just ask the Zuck-meister how his delightful algorithms perform; oh, wait, he doesn't write his own schtick, that's his primary investor's little kingdom, that and data collection on an unprecedented scale. I do know very well how the Facebook algorithms protect us from ourselves, thank you -

btw, you owe me for a week's use of the internet, zippy. Yeah, very funny ...

InQtel is a real corporation, as was Air America a "real" CIA airline,and you might say same owners but not for the record, but an investor in surveillance engines and promising start ups that mine all sorts of data - personal data, employment, family, contacts, purchases, bank account balances, sources of income, expenditures, tax returns with errors that may have slipped by, unusual hobbies and noteworthy habits; Terrorism? Not likely for Facebook. A topic ICE (La Migra) trotted out when they'd take complaints about illegal immigration: they were too busy hunting down the elusive World Trade Center scoundrels so they could bring them to Just Us, or so they claimed. That's the origin of the Authorization For Use Of Military Force in response to the 9/11 Attacks.
Meanwhile, around the same time, the government's Amnesty pitch failed in the end, on a full count with the win almost a certainty until US citizens actually took an interest in their own welfare. No joy in Mudville or Maquiladora that night - Congress chickened out, putting their careers first before anything else. Because, no term limits, and not for enterprising US manufacturers with a bent for overhead cost protection, but that's a story for a business climate with two faces; one that knows the value of fiduciary restraint under scrutiny and another that changes players every four years who then spend like drunken sailors in between. You can only fool the American public 150% of the time, it seems. There is no fair game, unless it offers free lunch three times a day. And, what of the Mighty Forces that protect our freedom that everyone loves to hate?

They've been going at it for 18 years now!!
Does that number seem a little off? True that, the date, from whenever, and planning, by whomever, of our second Pearl Harbor is just a hash mark in an epic fiction that requires an equally charismatic villainy hiding in plain sight from our vigilance to matter that we weren't invited in the first place
- looking behind every tree, under every rock, crashing wedding parties, halting advances of military forces on US backed rebels when they get too close, dropped equipment too far from proposed allies into the hands of ISIS, even the odd power plant, water treatment and supply facility for good measure - that is, wreaking blatant destruction in support of strategies targeting sovereign (foreigners) entities, infrastructure and civilians, our allies cum high priority targets, at the same time depriving millions (foreigners) dependent on them, mostly non-combatant (foreigners) citizens; turning each former asset into dust, the earth where they stood into glass and the rubble strewn around replete with depleted uranium (what the Clinton State Dept hadn't sold), thus creating more faux humanitarian missions while spurring mass tombs for millions of faceless, innocent Dead ...(foreigners and Others). And if we can't have it then no one can! - Quite possibly the real mission all along, creating havoc while "God's Chosen' and the US' BFF continue Israel's relentless expansion. The result? Awesome blowback! An unexpected consequence of winning the hearts and minds and limbs and bones while spreading Democracy like the Plague.

Former US Sec of State Madelaine Albright said it was worth it, winning a medal for her straight faced delivery explaining the death of 500,000 children. It's not if you are suspected to cheat on your tax returns, the most gravest of Pre-Crimes - but, along the way, the Pentagon lost some of that treasure; ($6 Trillion !!!) in itself, a liability of the Fog of War, and, yet it still needs more. Why? They're fighting Terrorism, of course.

What about z-boy? He could be a hologram for all we know. With a personality to match - being groomed for a political run, they say. Although, that massive, virtue signaling "donation" to charity of his a couple years ago already left a mark, as well as securing him a 0% tax rate for life! USA, USA, USA ... !! I sure would like to know who does his taxes ... and all of their known associates, back to and including the date of JFK's assassination, any and all photographic evidence, fingerprints, blood samples, suspicious items, cryptic text, collusive statements or death bed confessions deemed viable for verification and/or to advance the ongoing investigation. Yes. Life is an investigation. Be careful of what you might find.

Taken in that light, what of FaceBook's informative Public Service Announcement reported disseminated in various media political organs of the State this past Summer? Full of cheerful promise for a brighter future, it touted changes that would strengthen its Mission Statement of forming communities alienation and division and the debut of newly engineered algorithms psychological conditioning FAQ's designed to enhance censor the social media experience while improving indoctrinating the readership. I've read it, compared it to experience, up close and personal, and Dystopian fiction alike.

Do you like Hollywood movies, btw? ... you know, Invasion of the Body Snatchers came out a long time ago, foretelling McCarthyism imported from Asiatic countries with exotic locales and a race of inscrutable people to learn how to kill long before The Matrix movies of this century stacked digitally enhanced bodies like so much obsolete technology from the last. You are likely familiar with both of these films, entertainment for the Big Screen and each with a mission all their own, meant to warn and inform as well as amuse. Both were from a genre of political expediency. The former, with its low-tech archetypes, its villain's traitorous exploits explained away by Science Fiction, could have served as a metaphor for a silent, yet calculating coup designed to wrest control of a nation and it's principles from within. The Dulles Brothers are a good example - you thought I was going to say Communism, didn't you?

Fast forward, mind your wallet, and consider the similarity to our military adventures - the Matrix represents that same movement's successfully non-violent Machiavellian infiltration of computer age cultures and its desperate response to Dissidents bent on its destruction. The Stateless, unseen provocateurs hidden deep behind circuitous VPN display a singularly determined self-interest, even if it means total destruction of infrastructure so only they may continue to prosper, ditto the consumption of its own Culture, all while carrying out the decimation of the society it alleged to maintain - think of NATO and the (second) Cold War if you get stuck on the flowery language.

You know what else? (Two Years Gone By)

Matrix' don't endanger societies - Authoritarians do.

Ron Paul: 1998 - We're waging illegal wars!