Friday, December 29, 2017

Collective: 48 hours

I don't want to sign up, sign in, register, log in/or out and I'm not rollin' over - I eschew your f'in' Help button - it's a dreamer's madhouse, really, the paying customers subjected to tiny harpies with booming voices demanding, " Did this answer Help?" - a hundred monkeys equipped with Android apps could deduce the meaning of life and publish a NYT best seller before that happens.
So why limit ones self to overt manipulation?

Don't ask me. I don't tally the votes. As though anybody has control over my problems, let alone their own. But for those psychopaths, those crazies from the Sales Department - mutineers all, I dare say - they've taken apart the hoopty of human decency, run it into the ground, drained the oil and loosed the screws, jacked the tires but call it do God's work - chanting Mandalas of Infinite Solicitation slapped together from spare parts left on the shelf, then re-submitted, re-labeled, trotted out and offered again with the same old promise - it's New, Our Materialism, who art in Marxism, strange as they may seem ... Amen. If Duct Tape is already a gift from the God's, how then do you bend her to your will? You needn't bother.

Could it be the herding instinct, or an ill nature of Cycles that makes us adapt to others will, with their TVs and their radios, far out and solid state, embracing scraps of the dead and dying from digitalia exposed full frontal to weaken our already mutant resolve, to run away, catch up, heinous acts of repetition, and follow follow follow follow follow the ultimate obscenity so gruesome it's impossible to look away from. Just try ducking those errant microwaves - primal, raw, they'll eat your brain if you let them - but, isn't it easier that way?

Give up and surrender. Leave just enough cells to plead and cajole, begging for sweet, sweet mercies and then asking for MOAR.
It's different this time - You've pressed Enter - without removing your card, here, have some kibbles washed down with Likes - wait for it! Anathema or instant gratification, what the fuck you gonna do about it? Well, feel lucky, punk? Fill out this form - while you're at it, click on these other offers, ,,, #aumf Look! Another false flag to justify another war for another millennium and another dead and another maimed and legions upon legions of dead dead dead . . . (yawn)

Even now, what they say is comfort, through prayer and worship to their inestimable Gods, is lying in wait and raking it in. Bernays has finally delivered Ganesha - his downfall due to the ultimate weapon, a Feedback Loop Set to Infinity Approaching Inertia - how do I look? OK? They're waiting to harpoon your unsuspecting Self, claiming they're here to help, or so they say.

Yet they bid you Death by a thousand sharpened pencils, shamelessly provide just one nibble at a time from the miasma lurking in Rain Forests of fine print, the final offer directing you to conformity - I won't roadie in that traveling circus, so put that Kool Aid away, Missie, lemme see your hands and then show us your tits. You might earn Goebbels beatific smile, or another persuasive erection ... feel better now? I don't.

I reject your misleading FAQ's, you sick bastards, try to hide an answer and I'll lower your standards while I raise the alarm. I escaped the Labyrinth long, long ago, a penknife and Idiom to defend and sustain me yet nearly succumbing, caught in a web of political collectivism - all of it, it's yours, will be yours, what's mine is yours - while you stood there, posing in clown shoes, polished uppers and blackened souls your best advantage, a squirting flower pinned to your wide lapel, batting those Emmett Kelly's primed with vitriol in baby blue, talkin' smart and recitin' the Mantra, was it tin pan alley or just another ruse?

The Clown Boxer's contention, a ring of black velvet on a green screen backdrop, those wistful bruises and yellow eyes pasted in, certified Organic and quick to anger, unsweetened rabbit punch and cauliflower ear the only things on the menu and a door prize of perception rendered in charcoal, anime of Whizzo behind bars - Free Whizzo the Clown! - a chance of a lifetime, but there's catch, a trade off of cheap thrills for what you truly desire, a year's supply of pratfalls and a laugh track all its own thrown in - all entries are shall be rewarded with the Slap and Tickle administered by a glove with four fingers, more than a whiff of rot embedded within; an unwavering ability for deflection, to determine someone or something, a projection, a different entity, made from scratch, an invention of make believe, just anybody at all on who they can place the blame.

No wonder you scare the children.



bandit said...

Avoiding pedantry {my new fave word} and insinuations of high crimes and buggery, I'll describe exactly what, at the very least, Too Big To Fail actually means to me:


today, it was - skype, microsoft, paypal, and consultations with the shaman to enforce *extreme prejudice" against Infinity/Comcast and other beneficiaries of the Obama Administration's attempt to control the Internet and eventually, ze vorld. Rumors are this guy was on the Wall Street banker suicide run, a real block buster story - if it hadn't been censored by the media. Mostly tall buildings and nail guns were involved.

As for the Cable TV/Internet cartel, erm, industry, no poisons, nooses, *nail guns*, etc. were involved. The problem, aside from an excess of plausible deniability, was FAQs. Think ... Spanish Influenza. That's my understanding. Technically, not even a conspiracy, unless you're a political opponent to the statists {TPTB}. 97% conviction rate-you'll sing the aria from Madame Butterfly in black face over N'awth Mpls to save your skinny white collar ass if the Federales want to quiet "the winds of change":

Nope. what I heard was ... the scales were lifted from their eyes ...

The truth is one dangerous motherfucker. Why do you think there's so little of it?

bandit said...

I must apologize in the likely event I've offended someone with my comments, poems or essays - and the most recent of my observations, to which I attach this genuine signal of my remorse.

I should have edited the subjects described in that Murderers Row, if only for their standing in an ... oligarchy that touches such a high percentage of the population. Initially I refrained due, in part, the marked differences in services provided and management structures.

Facebook is a co-creation of the CIA, a fundamental departure from the other Corporations listed. Conversely, it's users voluntarily provide their vital personal information to ... Facebook's clients. Please pardon this erroneous omission.

bandit said...

This just in:

Microsoft ... this deserves an actual post ... Masters of Virtual Morality.
Except for one little old discrepancy - they trick you into acquiring services, and when your money and time are all gone, then they might advise you you haven't got the right system - so update for a limited cost today, blah, blah.

They know they are selling you goods you can't use. It's the short con, butt up on the edge of a felony conviction, but there's plausible deniability - the Evil part is they project their own immorality on the consumer. So what? I got pictures in the buff sent to XXXX. That's old news. Then I went to open a Skype account to simulate a live renku session across the globe with other renju. I just refused to pay for anything extra. This fact must have sent management into paroxysms of Capitalist obsession, or, full on Centralized control, when abused, both systems reveal the worst of Man's abhorrently selfish nature. That's why Empire's come and go like stray fledglings blown on a yellow wind.

I began to notice I was being toyed with. I would have to change passwords every day. The explanation another catch-all phrase that only leads our digitally compliant society to greater conspicuous consumption. That's wy I don't have smart phones, nor have I watched Television for years. I don't find people insulting each other a comedic endeavor I wish to be involved in. I'm a child of an alcoholic, you see. Nor do I believe we need more legends written about heroic law enforcement. We have too many police as it is, since I was recruited by one agency, but declined, and observed response time and ethical matters in the field. We are likely capable of suppressing a revolutionary force larger than many invading armies in their day. An important fact since standing armies and military options against the citizenry is prohibited by the highest law of the land, none other withstanding.

Yet this aggressive nature and arrogant relationship between the HDTV/Internet/Comm Industry and consumers, much of it rightly described as monopolies, by region, and lack of depth, infrastructure investment and provider, makes the US the least viable WEB system in the world.

Finally, the account went dead completely. Or as it is, I just gave up the futility. I began to make an investigation, coinciding with some upgrades and additions.

Then another account began to suffer, A similar occurrence as when I had an adventure in an attempt to start an anti-war movement with origins in Facebook. Facebook is a promotional tool on one level after all. It's original proponents and investors were mainly the CIA, acting through a front company. The purpose - to mine personal data on a massive scale. I lost all internet based service for a week after that. Some institutions, such as the Pentagon, JSOC, even the FBI, require the Juggernaut to be profitable. Profitable despite accounts and balances defiled, not to mention the blood on the hands of so few. Lives andthings lost, valued in the Trillions.

continued >>

bandit said...

continued ...

Upon installing the slimmest of services the vendors began to berate me. I replied in kind directly to the agents. Soon after I was informed of who the culprit in the coop really was, simultaneously accused of conduct unbecoming an asset - I rejected the projection of their crimes on to my behaviors, such as realist scripting and vital poetry involving human interaction. I realize I have also become (screenshots are being collected as I write this, normally considered intrusive, in this case, possible evidence in a court of law) a known anti-war activist in my circles, a once loathsome description by certain Governments intent on suppression and dirty dealings in the pursuit of personal Power, whatever the ideology in political structure. They eventually all distill to the same selfish nature we sometimes fail to restrain in ourselves.

It was and still remains harassment, plain and simple. (The screen is jumping now - I can barely keep up to the mysterious typos) They admitted to surveillance of my accounts, closing another, but temporarily. Itr's hard to hide a deed from an experienced and vigilant observer. I've just discovered the first account is closed completely, allegedly due my lack of cooperation. That's extortion. I opened a Skype account three years earlier with the same minimalist features. That effort took about 3 minutes. An attempt to open a web account this past July took three weeks. I've just "fired them, a competing agency. Perhaps they are collusive? All appearances point in that direction. my work might demand I take my tools home if I "were let go". Now I consider our relationship more equal but for a billing dispute over an erroneous $100 charge and a balanced payment promise run amok like a cancer month by month. You should have seen the installers face when I realized they threw cables around without distinction. I punched a hole through the wall (right where I had scribed it when he wasn't looking. Don't over play your argumenbt, but be sure to be effective.

Wait, I don't think you got that I'll say again - Microsoft and the digital vending industry extorts consumers if they don't comply with purchasing platforms and certain features.

I have screenshots removed from Local Disc and sent to another site.

The details are quite elaborate. No, XXXX is not a porn site ... Oh, gee, look at the time!!

In any case, which would you prefer - a frown of disapproval from a self-appointed hypocrisy, or a class action lawsuit in the billions of dollars?

All right, I'm ready - come at me then!

hello- mynameis said...

it was worth it though...

donnafleischer said...

now you're onto something! but I can only shout and stamp my feet this morning, not converse.
(now I know why you disappeared from fb.)

bandit said...

My feet are cold ...

bandit said...

Big Boss Man