Monday, February 11, 2019


I was communicating with a computer tech, online, in the winter of 2014. We'd just spent some time analyzing my troublesome laptop.

This guy was different than any I'd spoken to before. He'd just advised I go to a competitor for software.
I wanted to know more about the man.

"Where are you from, friend?"


His tone belied a weight, as though it were burdened with some labyrinthine calculation ... I'd heard of the trouble. At that time, not many had. It was fresh on my mind, but I couldn't quite phrase the question, uncertain as I was of his feelings.

The only response I could think of was to ask about the weather. We're proud of our Latitude, as though it's some great fete to survive such extremes.

Maidan -
the technician advises me,
"it's cold as fuck"

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