Friday, February 28, 2014

A Hundred Gourds 3:2

John Carley

The tenth issue of A Hundred Gourds, a quarterly journal of haiku, haibun, haiga, tanka and renku poetry is now online for your reading pleasure.


As well as our regular Haiku, Tanka, Renku, Haiga, Haibun and Expositions sections, AHG 3.2 features:

In Memoriam – John E. Carley

John Carley, translator, creator of the zip form of haiku, renku master, author of ‘the Little Book of Yotsumonos’ and the forthcoming ‘The Book of Renku’, died on New Year’s Eve after a four year battle with mesothelioma. We miss him dearly. As a renku sabaki, John was a superb composer, a generous teacher and an inspiration to so many. AHG renku editor, William Sorlien, provides a fitting retrospective of John’s many contributions to haikai.

Haiku Guy: The Guy, the Books, and the Classroom

That haiku guy, David Lanoue, currently President of the HSA, is famous the world around for his dedication to translating Issa’s haiku as well as for his novels about haiku and its community. AHG haiga editor, Aubrie Cox, allows readers further insight in her interview with David and also outlines how his novels have been incorporated into the teaching of haiku at college level and in high school years 7 – 12.

Submissions Deadline

The deadline for all submissions to AHG 3.3 (the June 2014 issue) is March 15th. AHG has an open submissions policy: any submissions received after the deadline will be filed for consideration for the September 2014 issue. Please check our submissions page for details and editors’ guidelines.

Friday, February 21, 2014

a love poem
to each face in the deck
another winter night


nothing moves
in the grip of this storm
still, I lock all my doors

New Resonance 9

Friday, February 7, 2014

song sparrow

song sparrow
her wings flitting
flower to husk

even in dreams
never at ease