Thursday, April 18, 2024

Power Corrupts


On the occasion of cuttting ties  with an ambiguously named ISP; This is a celebration!
Finally, after years, decades perhaps, another provider discovered to take on the company with the most hated business model in America. It's called competition, and the service is provided at half the fee of the outfit that hires Somali pirates to take its service questions. Poor bastards. I don't blame them. The pirates that is.

'O no, you first, I'm right behind you - 

And then BAM! a weight like a massive stone descending on its sunken chest, disrupting the FA Cup semi on the biggest screen available in this awkward sanctity, it's gauche decor with some really shoddy lighting ensconced in a musty old basement, cobwebs hung heavy in every corner with dust.

It's the space preserved for the winner's history. A lonely place, one adorned with all the self perpetuated trophies and thoughtless certificates of award to and from it's own image given away like toothpicks at one of those tawdry, low-buck functions, virtues described in a fiction by Louis L'amour, ineffectual and moot. All in all, and one after another, they demarcate the unintended consequences born of a self congratulatory, good old boy board of directors.

A republic, like any other that stood before it, it hasn't spoken to its insufferable spouse for days on end.

As it falls, in slow motion impossibly ridiculous for its sheer, dead weight and fathomless hubris, an arrested scream remains unresolved, stifled in its throat. But for the epiphany of knowing it's too late - there it hangs suspended for what seems an eon, then head first into its plate of beans and sausage, dead dead dead.

the full moon declines
and then
the next morning of spring

Thursday, April 4, 2024

NATO's 75th Anniversary


... and only 25 years since Yugoslavia


This is fine mask | Google, Idée dessin, Des trucs

Saturday, March 30, 2024


out of respect
the snowman's heart
kept in the deep freeze

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Open the Ball


In case you hadn't noticed, the chief of Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) has claimed the United States, Britain and Ukraine are behind the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall in Moscow.

This statement is mirrored by
Nikolai Platonovich Patrushev a Russian politician, security officer and former intelligence officer who has served as the secretary of the Security Council of Russia since 2008.

And when they say something, it means they have huge reasons to do so, unlike the case with Western spokespersons who simply lie to your face.
This is a consequence for our unwillingness to confront our elected (and unelected) leadership as they have placed our countries and the world in such desperate circumstances.
The denials have already begun. In fact, they are already a feature.
              ;;;m:::    ;;;v;;;   ;;;l;;;

Monday, March 25, 2024

spring snow


"This is enjoyable for a lot of folks. It's been such a mild winter otherwise. They're forecasting eight to ten inches." 
"Really? It's funny; I was just telling a friend earlier of a time I was in South West Texas and watching the scorpions come out to hunt beneath my cot after dark. I was just a little boy.
"I shouldn't be surprised, I am a Midwesterner, after all."
We thanked each other and I walked out of the market to my car, careful to avoid the snowplow's path.

spring snow --
the moon invisible behind
a wall of clouds


Thursday, March 7, 2024

Cookie Monster


US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland (right), Maidan Square, December 11, 2013 



Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Dalai Lama

3 million to 1 --
the Dalai Lama will let
the people decide

Sunday, February 25, 2024


a cold moon waxing --
bales of straw stacked six high
our only defense

Monday, February 12, 2024

Monday, February 5, 2024

Friday, January 5, 2024

WEF, excess deaths - while we're at it, let's debunk this load of Bollocks so we can get on with it, please?



* * * Special Bonus Feature:* * *


We'll have an incredible mess to clean up as it is. I mean, just who do they think they are? It's not the first time, nor will it be the last. Megalomaniacs have aspired to ridiculous heights throughout history. They rise on the backs of adoringly hypnotized masses (pardon me; the acceptable term is Mass Psychosis. Wouldn't want to ruffle anyone's murmurations). Not to mix metaphors, but soon after things are going swimmingly, aside a few unpleasantries, ranks of polished jackboots lined up, budgets busted and the coffers emptied, plan B once again broken out to start a war to hide that fact and profit besides, what could go wrong? It's beginning to become a cliche after a Millennia or two.

Gah! it must be dizzying to feel all that hubris and control though, aye, until that fatal step when they step on the banana peel of fairness and logic and whoopsie!

 Not to kick a Malthusian while  he's down, although I would tie his shoelaces together as he addresses the WEF from behind his lectern just for a laugh, what if Bill Gates hadn't gotten guidance from Dad's founding of Planned Parenthood and a hand up from his mother's vast, lucrative corporate connections and deigned not to steal that code that still spies on my Windows 7?

We could all have a chance to play a rousing game of  Monopoly™! Stripping our friends blind of all their assets and leaving them in a delicious wake of self-delusion and regret. What  are zero-sum games for, after all? I should design its successor; a board game called Total Dependence On The State. I'd include bonus points for successful cheating. I've made some head way into research already.

Speaking of musical chairs, be it noted that every Representative Republic throughout history has failed. Why? We keep voting in our candidates that eventually succumb to overriding corruption. Despite what they say about Biden's schedule or Trump's paperwork (the common factor being Golf) it's a full time job. Please forgive me for mentioning the one you love to hate, btw. Just keep me out of it. I was twice a delegate for Ron Paul. We came this close to brokering the convention in 2012. But in the eleventh  hour, baby, we got Schlonged. Yeah, I know, that's what they all say ... is it our Human Nature? One thing is for sure; History does rhyme.

So why board that Karmic Circle Jerk of division for another go-round? If one tears the veil of public relations from their eyes and observes mindfully, we stand in full witness of another of Empire's Great Pratfalls. I say that with confidence since I've watched the markets and history for decades now out of a strong sense of familial responsibility and my own self interest. Yes, I am selfish prick. One might say crude and vulgar, also, but one would hardly notice. Still, keep your cell phone ready.  I'm not sure you'll be able to post the snapshots on Meta, though.

We could bandy accusations and creative adjectives of catch phrases for Evil about all day long. One of the most creative writers I've had the good fortune to meet, Karin Bugge, spent her own time teaching me not to over do it. 

... oh, Karin, how I miss you. Which reminds me; nobody comments to give me any stick or exchange jibes any more. We had a crew that loved each other and the camaraderie ... have I become too unpleasant? Erm, no need to hurry with your reply.

I was offered a great kindness similar to these the other day. Whatever my declining state of mind, assuming they were witticisms, I'd taken to spouting off the cuff, disparaging remarks, assuming some relevance in my cynicism. A fellow where I was visiting took some umbrage at my insistence. Even I'd noticed a pattern, but, feeling helpless, I was stuck in a rut. 

He said I was far from clever and exceedingly annoying. I'm paraphrasing what is essentially a smack-down. The kind of stuff reserved for your closest confidante or someone you'd step outside with to scuff your elbows or defend your honor for. I shut my pie-hole and stopped right there. But I didn't get angry. It was as if a bell went off and awakened me from a spell. So I answered him. 
"It's like listening to a looped tape of negative, negative, negative, isn't it?" 

Not the type of answer he was expecting. This fella travels in certain circles that ... I wouldn't mention in mixed company. But the reaction was significant.  He went on to assist me in my epiphany, asking me what I had accomplished to help others as a positive gesture. And surprisingly, I was able to respond with a few! Odder still that a number involved taking on insurmountable authority we might find daunting, and beating them at their own game. I also recognized those causes sprang from a tendency to help people who suffered from abuse but couldn't defend themselves.

It's quite a bit different from posting diatribes in comment sections. I enjoy a good diatribe, but I don't seek allies on comment boards. A bit of a snob in that regard, sorry.

So appreciative was I that I interjected something supportive later that day. Which caused my benefactor to snap and call me some dirty names. I met his challenge with a lack of concern in my eye. Being a little jaded doesn't always hurt. It's a sign of the times. That is, I didn't meet his challenges in typical fashion. As a result, nothing happened.
The gentleman had been under certain stresses recently, I'd learned. No, I can't relay them.  He admitted to a remarkably difficult upbringing earlier. A common theme we shared to a degree, though I wasn't contesting his tragedy with mine. People do that, you know. It's like they don't listen and are just waiting for their turn to talk about themselves. And I'd deduced he was a manic-depressive besides.
It could have been job qualification for all I knew. I do roll in some interesting circles, not immune to misunderstanding. Fewer than I used to. It's become more a personal choice, rather than letting my whim left to chance, self-destruction or domination.

I never said relationships weren't easy. Dysfunction can be handed down through generations, as well as by public decree, which is the most wicked form of leadership. It's best avoided. Yet its reach is insatiable. 
Despite defining some goals, I realize total isolation from involvement is not a healthy choice, either. Nor is it compassionate.

To merely observe is not enough. Conversely, to deny a common threat, out of fear or dispassionate safety has its own limits. Some villains are real and will not go away.
I used to enjoy watching those black and white science fiction movies, their concepts cutting edge and loaded with coincidence of themes of Science. The threats were metaphorical, the monsters scarier, the thrills more titillating and essentially, when the credits rolled, totally harmless. even fiction may have its motivation to persuade however. It reminds me of how adroit our media's responses have become, however beguiling. The onus has been placed squarely on Agenda.

Sure, you could walk out of the theater into the light of day and a seemingly benign lifestyle.
But only because, in that nostalgic reality, nobody ever got hurt.



Sunday, December 31, 2023

Happy New Year

                       New Year's Day--
              with each memory's passing 
                       we are made anew 

Here's to Sunshine, Johnny! 

Friday, December 29, 2023

last to close




 home alone christmas--
unwrapping that pack
of juicy fruit gum

an ass, an ox
the three wise men--
manger in a cardboard box
throughout the long night
snow falls
with nary a sound

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

And so it begins: WWIII


 Germany is sending troops on a permanent deployment to a foreign nation for the first time since World War II. Germany had agreed to deploy troops to Lithuania back in June but did not set an official date for deployment at that time. Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anusauskas met with German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius on Monday to discuss a multi-year “Roadmap Action Plan.”
"Multi-year" he says ... ha ha ha ha!

“The eastern flank has now moved to the east, and it’s the duty of Germany to protect it,” Pistorius said Monday during a joint press conference. Around 4,800 troops will be permanently positioned in Lithuania, arriving in increments from 2024 until 2027. Pistorius called the move historic and likened it to the troops stationed in West Germany during the Cold War to protect the nation from Soviet aggression. Lithuania borders both Russia and Belarus. 

For years, Putin has said that Russia would not respond well if cornered by NATO. He attempted to broker numerous deals to prevent “NATO aggression” and avoid a large-scale conflict. But NATO is not an organization of peace.

“We will ensure reliable deterrence and we will be ready to [defend] NATO. We are sending a clear signal with this step to those who present a threat to peace and security in Europe,” Pistorius commented.
Who? ... the USA, England and Ukraine?
 He also noted that taxes must be raised to support this new NATO deterrent plan but did not elaborate on how they will extort their own citizens to pay for the war that they so desperately want.
 No updates on an American civil war just yet. Wait for it. That will depend on the military and what side they eventually pick.
with thanks to  Armstrong Economics


Thursday, December 14, 2023

LIfe and Death In the Construct of a Media Invented Bubble

Upon review of an Armistice Day post I recently offered here, it occurred to me I should include some statistics regarding our involvement of these various wars of attrition and goal seeking status we've become blithely accustomed to in our lifetimes and beyond.

World War I produced 10% civilian casualties.

World War II rose to a 50% civilian casualty rate.

The Vietnam War escalated the deaths of civilians to 70%.

The most recent Iraq and Afghanistan Wars are estimated to have incurred targeted population to a rate of 90% civilians killed.

I feel rather embarrassed.

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

now in the context of misinformation (taken to some considerable length)

 In response to the New Zealand whistleblowers recent covid vaccine data drop (see two previous posts of December 4) this is a rough draft;

 “We assure people there is no evidence whatsoever that vaccination is responsible for excess mortality in New Zealand and that they can continue to have confidence in vaccines,”said Te Whatu Ora chief executive Margie Apa.
 “What he is claiming is completely wrong and ill-informed... We take the security of the information we hold extremely seriously, and this is a significant breach of trust.”
The text above doesn't quite define the promise of the given title. Although its 'assuredness' does well to set the stage for the consequence of criminal liability that makes the Holocaust pale in comparison. 

As arrogant as it sounds, the second paragraph, except for its rather catchy indignation and emotional appeal, makes not a whit of sense. The whistleblower, AKA Winston Smith, makes no claims. He is merely relating mathematical statistics garnered by the relevant agency itself as mandated by law.  A decree sorely lacking for its exclusion of vital transparency. 

The last highlighted phrase comes closer to this essay's goal but if only for its projection. The irony is palpable.

Being prone to the Abstract and a slave to esoteric ramblings makes me a rather feckless writer. This is a Haikai blog after all. So I'll borrow from George Orwell's piece, Politics and the English Language, to measure the dominance of those who control not only our words, but subsequently our thoughts. 
 After WWII, the politician's duty had evolved from the humble servant, in some instances, to the role of a demagogue. And yet the English Empire was slipping into a Modern obscurity. A notion of a conjunction between lawmaker's rhetoric and linguistics striking recognizable memes for emphasis belied, at its core, an agenda at once pretentious and increasingly introspective, tasked with the restoration of the trappings of Power as the Cold War loomed. 
As secrecy  prevailed, the Queen's subjects were subordinate to London's reconstruction, massive losses of an aging industrial base, spurring further financialization and a census reduction near two million people displaced. 

In spite of this, the people remained giddy with the conquest of an Evil Entity that had become the sum of all their fears. Perhaps the opposite of Orwell's major contention, assuming the ineptitude of the community's pillars and their manner of speech .
Orwell called it 'A catalogue of swindles and perversions'. That was in 1946.
Yet the ugly reality of the horrors of a half century of war would abide. Not so for the Aggressor or Defender. They are labels applied by the victors of any conquest to be borne or congratulated.

Yet as the underclass's joy in sharing sacrifice and award in vanquishing a now legendary foe waned, it became apparent that theme infused with fear, anger and courage was just the tonic to confuse a Nation that might otherwise balk at a political base consumed with grandiose visions of ill gotten power. 
Thus hubris is born from complex origins of planning inspired by considerable greed deemed so cleverly superior. A policy of exploitation where every person becomes a player in a zero sum game, wittingly or not.  Since the winners in typical fashion always acted in haste bound to mistakes. High stakes in a test between ideologues invested in fanaticism too bitter for the public's tastes.
And at what expense? A fore bearer of our current situation - monies intended for noble causes may never reach their destination. They are consumed by the interest payments on the national debt. An inevitable consequence of the addiction to extend the reach of government that must always expand, driven by the corruption inherent to every representative Republic through history. Eventually, they consume their selves. Other factors exist beside these two certainties, in combinations rhyming stanza upon stanza. None have been so Exceptional to resist.
It requires concealment. and distraction. Most notably, including that theme of an enemy at the gate. So successful a diversion. Infused with emotions of fear,. hate and a particular devotion, strange for its illogical status still requiring the Powers That Know Better provide an uneasy comfort. How to explain it? The best orator struggles today. Dependence grows on a surreal Newspeak. Orwell observed it. It hides in plain site today. Language devolves to nonsense. Have we been trained to become our own captives? I can't acknowledge the proper command. Of the wrong species, perhaps, born in the year of the monkey.
In a fiction so fragile it was a thrill of creation for those degenerate gamblers, still trusted yet incoherent, a coincidence against the confusion accompanying a sense One Should Know Better. Reinforcement is a constant. Good dogs who rebel receive a different command to interrupt their cortex. Bad dogs that display the Lizard brain too incessant are shot.

England's loyal subjects were giddy with the conquest of an Evil Entity representing the sum of all their fears. They believed they shared in the spoils and accolades through their sacrifice and gritty determination. Recall, however, the major funding sources for this ambitious Reich that failed came from financiers that alluded to belonging to the Allies. Their support is for those who can pay. In my personal dealings if one were to renege, I would make certain you did. Even to the extent I'd ascertain no one got paid if I didn't;  such is the nature of persuasion.
This trend led more to ideologies demanding dominance, requiring obfuscation to those themes so as to make them more palatable. Relations to the Public led to a focus of controlling behaviors, with studious refinements over the passing of time, sometimes harried by the variances of objectives, opportunistic or in competition with other political ideals.
 The specter of Communism was held high as the antithesis to the West's English speaking values, and so it remains to this day, embedded in Western people's psyche to be bandied about, in lockstep, the moment the propagandist's demand. More so for the last twenty five years and counting. This fiction identifies China's and Russia's role as antagonists, ignoring their turn to an advantageous policy of amicable trade relations eschewing the example of the West's voracious pursuit of an Imperial ambition.
An early example from an American standpoint would be the overthrow of the country of Guatemala, a brainchild attributed to Edward Bernays to accommodate the United Fruit Company's aspirations. It is an exemplar of misinformation, though the deceit required the onerous use of force to truly succeed.

 In Orwell's dissertation, he said, 'the slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts'.
Before I quit social media, I observed a trait in some people to accept beliefs that are unproven. Of course, the venue became a bastion of  speech jotted down at the quick step confined in a template relegated to arbitrary rules that eventually defined division and encouraged goal seeking approval, with points awarded for conformity readily on display.
 I became a user to join a writing group sponsored in Japan.  I participated in one linked verse session over the space of a few years. So it was with the bulk of the foreign aspirants. I concluded that most were considered inferior, and not up to task of keeping with the integrity of the native authors. I agree with that premise. 
Why? For a general lack of discipline to devote to historical values as a practitioner nor the mindfulness of a determined student. To do otherwise would be an insult. So why were we not excluded? It is a matter of saving face.
I lingered, thinking to benefit from the platform's main advantage. It is a venue easily purposed for self-promotion. To do so one must acquire many "friends". Which in turn is a starting point to consent to conformity. Or had I been seduced to seek approval while attending the desires my ego thrived on? I had no pictures of a family cat to display.
 The budding Millennia was a hotbed of current events. Some so unique they could be life changing. Such is the nature of a society's decline. Interesting times inspire emotion, in turn promoting reasoning that may be fallacious in light of an attempt to assuage our anxiety, deliberate or merely incognizant. 
A quest tempered by conformation bias, turned on its head by a media apparatus manipulated by an Authority seeking dependence.
And so opinions asserted forcefully were rife with assumptions without facts. On one occasion early on, when I mentioned the doubt I had, it spurred a rather violent reaction! Without evidence, I simply didn't agree.

The person followed that with a more spurious claim that didn't involve the principal character we argued over. Putin was sending agents to infiltrate Ukraine specifically to kill poets. I can't remember how the topic turned. Likely my counter argument to vote for a candidate not in debt to the obvious insistence on unjustifiable War. That was 2015. Yes, an election year in America. Haunted by a preponderance in government led by a clique obsessed with military interventions against people with no inclination to mount a campaign against the United States. 
 Naive as I was, I attributed these accusations to deliberate messaging of an agent provocateur. As gentile an upbringing I had experienced, I wasn't exposed to raging fanaticism on a regular basis.  I mean, the guy had a following of 1200 people and taught at a University. Likely a larger cohort than unemployed writers living with their grandmother in Lviv busking at the annual Stepen Bandera tribute. 
Therein lies a clue of fanatic nationalism gone to extremes, with even a racist superiority logged into its Constitution. You may not know that fact but for the media/government complex that has succeeded in hiding it from you. A dangerous precedent that Meta has in spades once you consider its close origins from the US/British spy apparatus that deigns to control the world. One with a historical focus on violence and censorship with a hubris that overlooks its own shortcomings that is destined to fail. Yet the damage has been done.

I won't mention names. There were many, victims of some sort of brainwashing, I deduced, At the time I didn't follow the main streaming news. I didn't watch TV. I'd given up established newspapers, having been featured more than once in them, recalling the inaccuracies published as though an agenda existed prior to interviews. Well, my agenda as relating my observations are limited to proof of criminal conspiracy, including the formation of an industry of multi-billion dollar fraud, were directly contrary to the majority published and dispersed en masse, replete with anecdotes promoting sympathy for those actors. I even avoided the contentious charges against the person we argued about. I didn't care. My goal has always been singular.

The majority never had a clue. Not until now. But the scenario has played out again and again in my life. The majority, both content and righteous. I just imagine I have a certain gift at times, exposed to troubles that disallowed a happily clueless existence inside a bubble that has burst to favor themes of dominance. I try to act on these revelations. But these meandering tales are just anecdotes. Essentially, valueless. For the time being, the manipulation of information seems to have won out.
 I recalled the Asch Conformity Experiment upon reflection. I remember the experiment to be rather benign. But I have begun to suspect we live in a vacuum perforated with behavioral modification cues every day.

History reveals this fault in human nature that time and again creates cultural dichotomies, only to rise and fall again and again. They are the harbinger of division and destruction if one accepts their cyclical nature an inevitability that must fail. It's the only way to convince us to a return of empathy directly in dissent of the construct of  a singular ideology achieved through disparate forces.

Or as another author elaborated, 'the viciousness of our language makes it easier for us to have self-destructive, even suicidal thoughts'.  Still, even if truths be revealed, our inherent, collective compassion can not prevail in the absence of the individual's consent.

Monday, December 4, 2023

Verified: A Watershed Moment


Despite the news blackout on the subject, I learned one or two things today. 

One, that extended vaccine data, of any type, has never been publicly reported. From any country or any source. Ever. Except for this recent disclosure culled from the records of the Ministry of Health, New Zealand. 

The data was revealed by an administrator of the Ministry of Health itself. while In the process of constructing a website for vaccine recipients he noticed evidence of serious safety concerns with the  Covid vaccine. He then notified the Ministry of his findings along with various social and news media, while offering high ranking political figures the opportunity to sponsor. Hearing no reply from any of the contacts, he released his findings, inviting other statisticians in country and abroad to verify his labors in a broader peer review. 

The news was not well received; It was taken down in five minutes after posting to YouTube, for example. Those news agencies offered access to this story, direct from the source, empirical evidence intact confirming its integrity and massive impact around the world simply declined. How absurd is it that they did not address its implication, choosing to parrot the accusations and slanders risen from patterns of concealment?

The Ministry of Health has responsibility for filing for an injunction forbidding disclosure, with allies deployed world wide in a desperate strategy to achieve total censure. It's uncertain what agency this latter tactic sprang from.

Awakened from its slumber, the Ministry simutaneously lashed out with agitprop in a patois combining illegal access, subversion and "spreading misinformation", that repurposed catch phrase, nee obscenity, to disguise censorship and oppress speech, demeaning those who dare say it, come closer to Mantra status with every repetition. 

Should we assume it policy emerged from an obscure manual deep in the dusty files kept in storage of its Human Relations Department? I find it intensely disingenuous for the vagaries compelling its usage, I fear it will ascend to an etymology of hysteria celebrated by psychotic brokers of power and their followers.

 Some people actually take the charge seriously; their numbers include those with behavioral traits that avoid critical thinking in favor of the scant comfort afforded in control by a shadowy authority figures. Others that hold high similar values for repression, unfair advantage, lying, and narcissism will be easily identifiable. 

No denials of substance were offered.  Only speech dripping with resentment and accusations.  Nor any pertinent argument, analysis, no apology or defensible data were revealed. Just some shaming and the predictable ad hominem. What might be expected from a typical globalist script. 

Although, estimates in the vicinity of 13 million deaths due the mRNA concoction is anything but typical.

In either case, it already suggests the presence of a continuous, concerted effort to hide information from the global public at large. And the practice is ongoing.

Second, the common flu vaccine has data effectively showing an excess of deaths attributed to its distribution well above deaths attributed to influenza (11% excess). Which raises questions regarding mortality data previously submitted. Other than that, no suggestion arises the shot is actually effectual in itself. Though it pales in comparison to the Covid jab, it further confirms what many already suspect of Pharmaceutical marketing practices.

Many interested parties (educators, medical institutional primaries, government regulators, politicians and pharma companies) refuse to see vaccine data due to a fiduciary responsibility to stop use of the product in question upon evidence of adverse events. Some would face criminal charges if they did not respond. Many others, of course, just want to keep their jobs.

 A lack of news media curiosity to investigate dissenting views further clouds the possible intent and/or competence of the only agents charged with its responsibility - our respective governments.

Unbeknownst to the general population, Medicare (CMS) keeps extensive data on medical treatments and related subjects. They are considered  the "gold standard" for related medical data sets.  Made unavailable to outside the medical industry, they have kept data on the Covid vaccines since day one. (This file was supplied by a whistleblower in the California HHS).


Records reveal mortality rates (MR) have exceeded a safe vaccine's baseline by 26%, with risk actually rising for a year beyond the date of inoculation.  

Given these data sets, an estimate by Steve Kirsch arrives at one death in 1000 doses given. (the linked site is currently blocked in New Zealand, something akin to martial law).

What has been revealed confirms the suspicions of many skeptical researchers; the close correlation of Medicare data verifies the New Zealand data, proving that the Covid vaccines are deadly and their distribution should be halted immediately.

This is confirmation of our worst fear. And, possibly lays bare even more horrible conclusions. How long have they known? Is this a deliberate act? Assuming multiple actor's involvement, what is the plan to avoid lawful consequence? Had they assumed a docile, public reaction, to be brushed aside like so many before? What would be yours?

As for prior knowledge by responsible entities, the Center for Disease Control does not volunteer relevant data nor readily publish its own conclusive data (other than attempts to bolster fear). Unable to compile necessary statistical data, It only retains mortality records, but not state by state vaccine record level data to compare with individual vaccine records with, as does the CMS, to compile normal, uncomplicated equations that a competent agency does as a routine matter . Nor will it ask for or seek the relevant data out. That is deliberate.

For that matter, the CDC has been known to invent fictitious statistics, however. In one famous case, it was to support distribution of a corona virus vaccine for a non-existent outbreak it had stopped keeping data for. Without the appropriate drama to call on, they invented claims of 20 million non-existent confirmed cases.

The data for the pandemic has been available since the very day the "vaccine" was first offered. Of the agencies mentioned above, if one extrapolates their authority and reticence to act in a responsible manner and applies it to similar Authority across the globe, it would appear that notice of this emergency has been deliberately withheld from its citizens from the very start.

 Inevitably, there will be more who come forward with proofs of the misconduct. Unless all communications are stifled with martial law installed by Emergency Order. That kind of anxiety created can not be contained.

More likely we will witness ludicrous displays of diversion, blame and denial. The proof is in our face already. For months now, in plain sight. Yet it's human nature's normalcy bias that restrains logic. As well for any who may stand accused.

The real collapse will be of a financial nature, a domino effect across the globe. I feel no corresponding paralysis. I believe it is near, beginning with elections in numerous countries next year heralding a sea changecertain to be accompanied by revolt. It may require an endpoint closing in on the end of the decade. It's not our first rodeo, indicating its not an apocalypse. It's just time. 

I've followed this Covid topic since its origin. Many others have not. Still more might feel incapable of forming an opinion, so they just go along in their hopelessness. In the face of presenting government and its partners an opinion, dissenting speech i.e, one might remember this; Although Pharma company vaccine producers have their various supporters as well as immunity from civil litigation, they are not immune from criminal prosecution. Willful negligence, under a perceived cloak of invulnerability, is not a defense. At some point the responsible parties must relent.

                  Be Careful With A Fool.

Health worker arrested after allegedly misusing data to spread vaccine misinformation


"Winston Smith"

Stuff magazine, NZ;   ... the individual had worked in the health system for a number of years, and was authorised to access data as part of his work.

His mandate had been to create a publicly accessible, interactive website in New Zealand for vaccinated individuals in a payment portal and others seeking information. "Winston Smith" is a statistician, holds a masters degree in science and is previously a voluntary recipient of the gene therapy injection. 
He began to notice anomalies in statistics reported for the "jab" recipients, specifically, excess deaths correlating with certain batches of the vaccine above normal levels, exceeded by as much as 20%.

 Armstrong Economics, US:  ... an injunction had been granted by the Employment Relations Authority that prevents any publication of the data (click here to see a video interview; with data included).

 Zerohedge, ... Moderna is spying on you, employing an array of former FBI, Secret Service, and pharma-funded NGOs to police what it calls “vaccine misinformation” online.

Why will it not reveal pertinent information then to quell suspicion?

I'm shocked. Shocked, I tell you. Read the comments at Zerohedge and you might be shocked, too. Choose "best" from the selection of comment rankings offered and it might blow your mind. 

Or, you may choose to run and hide under the bed, cover your ears and sing "la la la" real loud to drown out the world. I know some people like that who attest they don't want to be confronted with such disturbing content. Nice - while you can still avoid it. At least they won't hear the TV. 

Relentless behavioral modification makes Jack a dull boy.

I'm a little bit different. When the FDA approved mRNA gene therapy jabs for children, my state's Department of Public Instruction was ready. They announced their plan to provide "vaccinations" for children on Wisconsin public school grounds - on the same day.

I immediately asked the local school board administration for records of communication between it and the State offices. Our Governor had shown an inordinate interest in our state's youth and outcomes bordering on prurient obsession. Or, he was chasing mandates from CDC grants and other federal largess. After divesting the public pension plan from all "fossil fuel" investment, I prefer it were the latter.

"Sure," the secretary replied. "Tell us what you need and we'll tell you how much we charge." They do say that Freedom comes at a cost ...

I chose instead to request the Superintendent himself comment on what measures the Board should take in the event of injury from the jabs and what liability they should expect. The next open comment meeting was scheduled for that evening. Being ambitious, as well as a good little helper to the state apparatus, he replied, with a marked degree of disdain, that he would not even consider the subject on the agenda. I was just a little surprised at his fervor.

But it wasn't a week gone by that the gene therapy vaxx plan for children was abandoned - across the entire state.


Saturday, November 11, 2023

Last Man



My best friend Steve is a Vietnam vet. Bless his heart, he never broached the subject, nor did I, until I’d known him for a few years.

he told me some tales, witty, sardonic, with some hilarious punchlines thrown in and, quite often, disturbingly surreal. He’d won a medal for stealing a jeep once … it’s a long story, I couldn’t tell it like he could.

We have a last man's club of sorts; one bottle Johnny Walker Black, one pair clean socks, a pack of Winston's, stuffed into a re-gifted wine box – everything a guy needs.

Someday, one of us will get to piss on the other's grave.

Dragon's Breath
the forest alight in flame,
red, green, orange, black!
laughing, a ghost beckons,
beautiful and se

Monday, October 16, 2023

Double warning


What's all this then about an unelected, central authority?

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

10 - 10 - 10

Her voice echoed down the alley, bouncing off the buildings, loud in the crisp air. Once strident and accusatory, now pleading, bemoaning the hour, the situation, a bit more aggressive. Shutting the walk-up loft's battered door carefully behind him, he quickened his pace. She was holding her own. He wondered when she would contradict herself. As though it mattered.

"Ma'am. We're just saying there have been complaints."

A man's voice. It carried a warning. He was becoming annoyed. The three chevrons on his sleeve heaved and roiled, biceps flexing nervously, the blue cloth barely restraining them.  Behind where he stood two squads cars waited in the little parking space. Just beyond the altercation beginning to unfold, hidden from the view of passersby, lay a respite of sorts.  

Tucked into a notch between buildings, its few humble features remained relatively undisturbed, placed with care and an eye for design. Two worn but sturdy benches flanked a huge circular picnic table with seats attached, liberated from the back of the bar next door. During a somewhat drunken debauch of self-righteousness, it had been rolled away in broad daylight. There it stood at odd angles to three wooden planters with found weeds inside, strains of native prairie plants a thousand years old, seeds carried on a jet stream.

From a Shepard's hook in a corner hung a bird feeder and chimes, a place to store ladders and other implements on the opposite. Always at the ready, a cooking grill stood in the center. Neat and orderly as any English garden, a border of Perennials completed the scene. The tiny oasis belied the bleakness of the neighborhood's meager prospects. It was a sanctuary literally carved out of the asphalt.

  Humming and clicking as they cooled, the police cars squatted menacingly, paint schemes in black and white a stark contrast to the gold insignias like badges on each door. The constant babble of radioed dispatches emitted unintelligible commands to anyone more than a few feet distant. Adding to the cacophony, strobe lights flashing red and blue, every surface of worn Chicago brick bedazzled without mercy.

  She seemed oblivious to the danger despite this tension. "Or is she", he thought? He couldn't be sure even now. Implacably forceful or subtly benign, her moods could stymie him. At times it made him want to retreat. Walking out quietly, sometimes he did, or to go for a drive. He would jump on the trampoline with her other times. She could engage on an uncomfortably personal level, arguing every point impossible somehow, total strangers or her beloveds, until he forgot how it started. It didn't often matter, since both were adult children of alcoholics, or was it a peculiarity of the neighborhood?

Two more officers lingered in the shadows, chattering quietly like bored observers watching a ballgame.

"Why can't we enjoy our birthdays! It's just a little party!" Her speech slurred slightly. " It's 10-10-10!"

  As though explaining to the dullest of children, she enunciated with an emphasis of particular stridency, tangential or not, sibilants less distinct with each phrase.

"We can't even celebrate our birthdays?!" She repeated dates and numbers to anybody who might be listening.

Closer now, he inhaled and breathed out, slowed his walk, willing himself a compliant posture. Making sure to stay in the light, he held both hands open and in plain sight.

Nearing the end of his patience, the Sargeant's voice took on a darker tone.

"Ma'am, we've been called out twice. Next time, somebody's going down." He wasn't having any circular arguments. The warning had been directed at the both of them.

The husband directed his gaze at his wife only and smiled.

"What'cha doin', hon? Gettin' into a fight with the cops?" like berating a little girl, he continued, calmly yet each word with the slightest emphasis.

"I just took the dogs in now. We're all goin' in - right now."

Both promise and order, an offer of compliance to the Sargeant, feigned admonishment to his wife. Surely she knew how to respond? The situation had turned serious.

He'd been in a similar situation years earlier and only a few blocks away. Like this one, it started with the neighbors and a noise complaint raising someone's ire.  Subsequently, a radio turned too loud set off a chain of events uncommon to a local noise ordinance. With the right set of personality traits any situation can escalate from the ridiculous to sublime. Involving police contact, in an instant a right horror show.

The complainant was known to the police department as a serial caller to 911 who placed grievances against the officers responding if she felt slighted or deemed "enforcement" was lacking.
The lady of that house where the call was made on became belligerent enough to be put under arrest. A guest, practically a stranger, inexplicably jumped up and assaulted one officer.

Calls went out for back up. Stuck in a no man's land, the husband went to ground when an officer stuck his fingers in his eyes from behind. Eerily calm, he complimented the effectiveness of the hold. This earned him curses, boots and a tasing he didn't even feel, so involved was he in the wonder of police tactics.

Sixteen officers responded to the call in all, a few were acquaintances from the tavern they'd both frequent. A vehement argument broke out with the first officers on the scene. Fisticuffs broke out in the middle of the street. None of this appeared on the record. A witness later quipped the scene resembled sharks at a kill.

What had set off this misfortune? The husband told his wife to get in the house. His voice attracted the attention of an angry Lieutenant on scene. He then gave chase to the wife who managed to elude him. She locked the screen door behind her and then taunted him through the screen as he commanded her to come out. The husband eluded three tackles before his capture.

Many years later, they both understood the other's most subtle gestures. As if on cue, respond she did.

Abruptly turning on her heel, she marched off in the opposite direction. Her arms and elbows apace with her gait, it appeared as though to make a last stand in the garden cul de sac. For the briefest of moments he looked after her not sure what to do.

Well aware that pursuit of this one could lead in many unexpected directions, he remained still. Quietly, he observed her gamine walk, so compelling and graceful, a rare species in retreat, the insides of her long wrists exposed and turned slightly askew.

For whatever odd reason, the strains of a familiar love song came to him. Maybe a chord from a car stereo passing on Highway 61 set it off. This conjured up a picture, a gathering of people your Mother wouldn't approve of, its melody lilting, an old standard Norteno style, lyrics evoking casual friendships become intense affairs and grown more entwined than bargained for. An odd exhilaration overcame him then, reckless and inviting, shivering up his spine. He exhaled quickly, like stifling an errant laugh during a sermon in church. His humor was doubtlessly irreverent, however.

At that moment she, too, was overcome. Her voice was always one that carried. Nor did it go unnoticed this time. an obscene insult hung precariously in the crisp, night air, taunting as an errant curve ball. And in that instant the situation changed. Authority had been breached. Egos were at stake. A determination had to be made. This ball was about to be smacked out of the park.

Throughout the shift the young cop riding shotgun beside the Sargeant remained quiet and motionless. Therefore he was unnoticed. Slumped in the car seat as he was, he was able to observe without being seen, a tactic he'd learned during two tours in Afghanistan and the Mid East. He'd also learned the art of ambush, training extensively in assault tactics, before transfer to a Police unit attached to JSOC. A stranger in a strange land, he'd guarded and arrested foreigners and friendlies alike; even stood patrol over some peculiarly questionable fields of native crops.

Mostly, his duties were apprehensions involving rapid, fully armed actions against unknown targets. The bulk were turkey walks, fully equipped squadrons against one or two unarmed suspects, actions Blackwater and other unnamed mercenary units wouldn't or couldn't handle.

On his discharge he'd locked in a police department job within just a few weeks. This was his 6th actual duty night out, and he was bored to death. Like the sound of a starter's gun, his demeanor burst from quiet watcher to angry agitation.

"What did you say, Ma'am?!" No response. "Wait a minute - come back here!"

The last order barked with command. He'd had enough posh talk - any patience he'd learned on this job had suddenly regressed to tactical training and muscle memory.

Barely able to wrest control, the weary Sargeant looked ready to stand down and let the excited rookie run with it. But, in his haste, the newbie had locked himself in the car. He hadn't learned to be a good Jump Out Boy yet, tackling unassuming pedestrians with a leap out of a moving SUV from behind tinted windows. Robbed of this exhilaration, he cursed his inattention and fumbled with the handle.

The husband still hadn't moved. He lingered as though in deep contemplation, then eyeing his wife's retreat, seemingly unaware of the forces gathering around him. Actually, struck by the incongruity and happenstance, he marveled at the chain of events that had led to that point in time, its escalation and Absurdity.

In his position to "agree" with the new recruit and stand down would be the safest course. He felt the aggravation in his voice and the menace below its surface. His funds were low and bail for two would be impossible on short notice. The country was still in a Recession. The multi-billion dollar industry of fraud carried on unabated. He lived by his wits and his craft, breadwinner an anachronism, building a name for himself in the Black Economy at worst.

Who would want to spend the weekend in jail anyway? You could get roughed up in the process - he'd heard the stories of the trip up the isolated jailhouse elevator. The memory inherent in unchecked authority washed over him like an icy blackness. Sighing inaudibly, he gathered himself as the young cop flung open the door. He turned, with a smile, and then spoke.

"Ahhh, she's just had too much to drink is all." 

Mockingly penitent, delivered like some country bumpkin. He scuffed the toe of his boot along the pavement, for emphasis, which placed him squarely to block the squad car's door.

Short of leering, his grin widened, a little over the top but for a lack of concern in his eye. The display distracted the young cop. He hadn't trained quite this way. He'd certainly never been confronted so.

The husband's body language reverted to a cat taking pleasure in teasing a mouse.

" ... gee, officer - guess I better get control of my bitch."

each in turn,
the crickets all go silent -
Autumn's voice

` ` ` ;;;;;


Monday, October 9, 2023

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Greta Poses For The Camera


Greta Thunberg managed to accumulate a net worth of $18 million at 20 years old through brand deals, speaking engagements, and sponsorships.