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land lines














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Genjuan Ends ... With A Book!


 Dear haiku friends,

I hope this email finds you in good health in spite of the pandemic we are living through. 

I thought you might want to know that the Genjuan International Haibun Contest has decided to call it a day with this year's Contest, so there will be none in 2022. The reason is simple (unconnected with coronavirus!): neither judges, nor officer wished to go on. It has always been hard work and with no revenue from entry fees, an act of charity attempting to better connect Japan with the rest of the world of haiku. This has continued for 13 years (incl. the forerunning Kikakuza Contest). Other things must be done instead. If you have or know of a suitable newsletter or webpage, it might be nice for your readers to read know this news in advance. 

As a final act, the Hailstone Haiku Circle (based in Kansai, Japan), which has been running the Contest for the past 8 years, has just published an anthology of awarded pieces from the last 4 years (+ judges' comments, judges' haibun, new trans. of Kyorai, Basho, Kikaku, and illustrations by Buson and Taiga). It can be ordered from overseas sales officer, Hitomi Suzuki here: 
It costs ¥1,400 (or US$ 18 airmail). Picture of the cover and more details are here at our Icebox site:
Even without buying the book, you can read just the top four works from each year at that site by clicking the appropriate 'Genjuan Awarded Pieces' link at the top. 

Thanks in advance for anything you can do to get the word out.
Stephen Gill


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little ants,
so industrious,
filling the cracks
I couldn't close



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green tomatoes



fresh green tomatoes--
stems and decay cast away,
clipped, then discarded




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