Friday, June 17, 2011

June 2011 Dottie Dot Awards



Dottie, the mascot and editor-in-chief of the Haiku Bandit Society, has determined the three best Moon Viewing Party poems for the month of June, 2011.

Forthwith, here are the recipients of this month's Dottie Dot Awards!

To view previous month's winners click here.

the silence
of fishermen

comrade harps

grandmother moon
I can’t help wishing
for a gold tooth like hers

Melissa Allen

the ball kicked
higher and higher -
muddy moon




comrade harps said...

Thank you to the Academy. My 4th Dottie!

bandit said...

Keep 'em comin', Comrade!

sanjuktaa said...

Oh thank you, bandit!3rd place is not bad!

bandit said...

There is no place as such, sanjuktaa. It's merely in order of appearance. Besides, it's all for fun!

sanjuktaa said...

I know, bandit!Just happy to be part of the party :-)

Tito said...

Like sanjuktaa's muddy moon = muddy football image. It transmutes.