Thursday, July 7, 2011



No. 3

summer moon
coaxing from memory
the shape of her face

a Cubist painting
hanging crooked

only to discover
a stain
on his old school tie

the flame shared
between pieces of kindling

willie, melissa, willie, melissa



altadenahiker said...

You complement each other.

donnafleischer said...

Am enormously, deeply enjoying your three yotsumono and find myself looking forward to the next and the next. Joyeous thanks. Donna

bandit said...

Typically, when offering a choice for subsequent verses, we try to provide three different options. When I saw that "Cubist painting", I knew It absolutely had to be next.

We've adhered (very loosely) to some schematics provided by the yotsumono's originator, John Carley in the composition of these "tiny renku". The major objective is not to discuss where our mind is taking us in each progression. If all goes well, one may often end up with a theme for each that only appears after completion.

Melissa is a joy to work with. We intend to attempt some longer forms in the near future.

Melissa said...

That photograph rules. If that is an object in your house I might have to break in and steal it.

I am replenishing my brain cells so I'll have enough to keep up with you if we do this again.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

the cubist reference was a surprise for me as well