Thursday, August 18, 2011

Golden Years


“Cabin fever come to its fruition – almost lost my head to the Empress this morning – the sky is falling down as rain, the snow has melted, and the Mississippi is about to consume the town, if not the entire world.

References to ‘magic lanterns’, ‘floating worlds’ and ‘backwards tintypes’ are applaudable, in my skewed view. Yet, should we go out on a ‘celebratory note’? Nothing but gut to go on from here of late, mate."

golden years
loose change in a jar
on top of the 'fridge



Melissa said...

I have no idea what any of this means because I'm stupid, but it's haunting and beautiful, so I approve.

Wrick said...

oh these days.

in a four pound glass jar
where did I put that?

i like where this ku took me. was a peanut butter jar. it was full. ...of pennies. fun.

we are curious creatures, yes. aloha

bandit said...

You ain't stupid, Melissa! Some commentary lifted from composition at the Snail. It seemed . . . relevant.

Cashed in $15 of pennies recently, Rick. Guess now I'll start over.

Wrick said...

gees, bandit, did you go through all those pennies for wheat stalks? you might have turned in 1500 pennies for $15 that were worth $85.

wheat stalks on pennies
an agricultural society

bandit said...

Ha! Actually, they leap out at you when handled. Staring into walls for imperfections for 30 years, I have a discerning eye.

Adelaide said...

Like Melissa, I can't explain this piece, except to feel some meloncholy for a time lost.


bandit said...

Oh, hi, Adelaide!

I didn't see you there. How are you, doll?