Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Game

The Game

After the match, lively chatter and lukewarm cervezas flowed in earnest. The common language of who could pick out the open man, the places we’d seen, and what the future held so far from home rattled off metal clad trailers and diesel behemoths liberally dusted with the pulverized clay that permeates every surface in the heart of the Bakken. Observing moments of the beauty and encompassing kinship that is soccer, some of the spectators were there with ulterior motives. Could any of these able-bodied young men be recruited for a start-up oil company in dire need of labor?

Huge amounts of money were at stake, a deal made or lost depending on the whims of man and nature and highway conditions from New Mexico through the Texas panhandle. The whole affair was a gamble from the starting whistle, conjured by chance encounter on the trail and just as easily blown away with the prairie wind. The prize for the victors of the impromtu competition? Fleeting glory and a twenty-four pack of the least expensive beer.

(to be continued)

the half-moon gone red -
a cloud of dust thickens
the atmosphere


Anonymous said...

aloha Bandit - just so you know, I've just received an email from your email account asking for thousands of dollars.

I'm reasonably sure you did not send it.

it does not look like you are in Spain or stranded there with no way home.

plus the grammar is off, as well as other odd give-aways in the text.

I know you are smart enough to know how to contact the American Embassy or Consulate should you need help.

I'm leaving this here just so you know about it.

and for anyone else who may receive a similar email.

if at some point you need the text of the email, let me know as I have it. I won't respond to that address as it's probably compromised.

if this is a mix-up, and not the case you can let me know through my aloha blog etc.

I hope this is not as messed up as it may be - aloha - r

bandit said...

They sent me a copy, too, but I said screw it, I'm on my own!

This scam has been going around for some time now in the haiku community.

On a happier note, I did win millions in the Dutch lottery recently. Three times at least, in fact!

Yes, Spanish is spoken here, as well as several African and Eastern European dialects, a smattering of Carribean patois, deep south drawl and a lot of Texas twang, not to mention Chicago's South Side. Heck, even saw a group of Japanese businessmen with cameras and their entourage in tow.

Alas, no Pacific Islanders, but time will tell - Aloha, lil' buddy, and happy trails to you!

shanna said...

I just got a letter your in spain and lost all your money I dont think it was you because none of the I's were capitalized...


shanna said...

p.s I asked them for the hotels address to send money (smile)

bandit said...

See that? My heart is warmed by the sincerity of the Hawaiian people. Thanks, darlin'. Say a prayer to the volcano for me, will ya?

Rick.Daddario said...

yeah. what bothered me is that it was sent from your email account. will you scrape that account and make a new one?

cool on the Dutch lottery win. ive won a few of those as well I think. plus all the inherited millions I can split 50/50 with the last lone surviving heir.

amazing zingful world we live in. sheesh. aloha

Vida said...

Got the same email- about Spain and the money.

I am really enjoying your travel writings, Willie! Did you hear any Bulgarian on the soccer game? :)

bandit said...

Serbs and Former USSR - A Gambian group broke down and no hotel in Dickinson.

I played goalie indoors v African teams in school recently - blistering crosses!

bandit said...

Yahoo is toast, Rick.

- The straw that broke the camel's back -

The Wi-Fi and cell phone signals are intermittant at best, overloaded with all the new business chatter. Imagine standing under a giant orange sun viewing a vast, primieval plain, and your call is lost . . . bummer.

altadenahiker said...

Yes, I heard from Spain too. The time before you were in Scotland. Apparently you're quite forgetful and are continuously losing your luggage and wallet.

shanna said...

I asked them where to send it this was the reply if you want to report them

you can help me send the funds through any nearest Western Union to my name and the address below.
Receiver's Name: William Sorlien
Address: Plaza de Santa Ana 14, Madrid, 28012. Spain
Please kindly write out the details out to me as soon as you have wired the money or scan and send the receipt to my email, I will be waiting to read from you.

Vida said...

Oh, Willie, what a nice hotel you are staying in :)) http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g187514-d630305-Reviews-ME_Madrid_Reina_Victoria-Madrid.html

I couldn't believe it's a real address!

bandit said...

Seems I do get around.

Working with folks from near the border, from both sides. Ol' Georgia boy come up to us at the RV joint, insulted us all soundly and had us laughing our asses off.

The A team rolled up from the panhandle and we got us a crew, baby, laying pipe and tie-ins for gas and oil. At one point we laid down a special job, set some pump units, and the dudes showed me some Mexican backhoe work - shoveling backfill 'til the blade came and graded the whole mess.

Was down in the trench, and, man, you can struggle with just moving some soupy clay after you hit an artesian well. Their's skill to labor, if you do it right. Dear anthony at Dissidence blog says work is subservient; I don't know . . . it can set you free.