Monday, September 24, 2012

September 2012 Moon Viewing Party


You are cordially invited to our tenth moon viewing party of 2012! The full moon rises Saturday, September 29th, GMT.

To submit a poem (each submission remains the property of its author)
you may email us here: HAIKU BANDIT SOCIETY or post in comments.

Please include your pen name so we might accredit your poem properly. Happy moon gazing!

To see previous month's moon poems click here.


(click on photos to enlarge)

early dark the moon sits in his chair alone

Melissa Allen

all these words still the same moon

angie werren

Rick Daddario

harvest moon setting another place around the table

Margaret Dornaus

torchless night
this moonlit walk
to the chook-pen

Barbara A Taylor

moon walker
do you still believe
in love?

Stella Pierides

molasses moon-
the bread maker stuck
on "rise" cycle


casino moon
a token
for a hard days work

John Merryfield

after the storm
a drifting boat
catches the moon

Christine L. Villa

Of ripples
On the midnight river
The moon is making
Alphabet soup


even when
I'm not looking...
harvest moon

cara holman

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