Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Road Trip

between rumble-strips
and wild flowers -
two lane blacktop

mist from the hills -
where floodplain meets sky,
ripples blur the grey

Cannon, Whitewater,
Zumbro, Trout -
the place where the river widens

prayers for rain -
the church league's corn boil
won't be held this year

Route 66 -
a flyspecked whitewash
on the wayside rest

Sunday's summer sunset -
another small town
closes all its doors



Bill said...

A powerful group, Will. You don't want that apostrophe in "prayers."

bandit said...

Saw that two days ago, Bill! just getting to it now ...

Went to Mineral Point, Wisconsin Sunday for Richard Gilbert's book debut, "The Disjunctive Dragonfly". It was worth the 500 mile round trip. Got to see my pal Melissa Allen again, and meet some other folks, too. I'll try to put up a post soon.

Mostly a river road trip, along the Mississippi trail down Highway 61 - I'm returning in Autumn to view the colors!

altadenahiker said...

"Another small town/closes all its doors." Strong stuff, Viking.

Melissa said...

So this is what you were risking life and limb to scribble down while driving. You were right, it was worth it. Also, you're coming back again, right? Just sayin'.