Sunday, August 4, 2013

Summer in the City

iridescence -
amidst the dandelions,
sleek crows forage
through bits of bright litter

stinging nettles,
young maples like weeds -
the mystery behind
your manicured lawns

trumpet vines
through the broken tarmac -
gangbangers on the corner
argue on their iPhones

the texture of twine -
high summer sun bakes
the old brick wall

a dusty-red wren
perches on a pail -
heat shimmer's glare
above the hot-tar roof

that musty smell,
limestone and broken glass -
the stain of fallen walnuts
stuck to our hands


Tito said...

Nice to see the four-liners, too. Of the last in this post, I suspect the smell will blow away, but the stain will not come off. We used to have a walnut tree outside the house. I used to sleep out some summer nights beneath it. If ever I rolled onto and crushed a fallen walnut casing, the dark brown stain was appalling.
I greatly enjoy the patina of your poetry, Bandit.

bandit said...

I'm surprised to find walnut trees I hadn't noticed scattered throughout the neighborhood. Most seem to have grown opportunistically, the seeds cast about by past generations of squirrels and gone wild in un-manicured spaces between lots.

To our benefit, the city has planted some disease resistant elm on some boulevards. We once had thousands, a monoculture decimated some 30 thirty years ago. They were more substantial and cold-hardy than those in in Sendai, e.g..

Guess what? An entire street nearby planted with gingko. Talk about the smell! Dottie and I sniffed them out ...

Bill said...

An excellent group, Will.

Adelaide said...

Hi Will,

Makes me glad I no longer live in a city. A good group.


bandit said...

Very much liked each one, Will. This one, though, reaally got to me:

stinging nettles,
young maples like weeds -
the mystery behind
your manicured lawns

Mind if I share it at word pond?

Thanks, either way,



Be my guest. It's gratifying to hear your praise. I'll post a photo from the East Side archives ...


bandit said...

... and, an edit and update to the group.

Anonymous said...

May I post the stinging nettles now or are you still adding something you call "an edit and update to the group."? Not sure what you mean by that . . . thanks.

bandit said...

Go! You know as well as I we never stop ... ;)