Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 2013 Dottie Dot Awards

Dottie, the mascot and editor-in-chief of the Haiku Bandit Society, has determined the three best Moon Viewing Party poems for the month of September, 2013.

Forthwith, here, in order of their appearance, are the recipients of this month's Dottie Dot Awards!

To view previous month's winners click here.

hay cutting moon
the scarecrow waves
to no one

angie werren

full moon
from somewhere together
a siren and dog

Adelaide B. Shaw

harvest moon
so many shoppers
looking for bargains…

Stella Pierides


Adelaide said...

Thank you, Dottie Dot.


angie werren said...

thank you, dottie!
a nice surprise -- I hope one finds you today, too.

Tito said...

nice social comment in Stella's poem

Rick.Daddario said...

well selected Dottie. congratulations all. a very cool party. thank you for hosting Bandit. aloha

Anonymous said...

Dottie, are you alright? Have been missing your October moon viewing party...


Anonymous said...

Still no news from Dottie. Hope you are OK.