Wednesday, December 25, 2013

lengthening days

an ass, an ox
the three wise men -
manger in a cardboard box

rabbit and the hawk -
an awful truth stains
the fresh snow red

winter crows
singly and in pairs -
white sky receives the dark


altadenahiker said...

Very Viking bleak, but good.

Tito said...

white sky receives the dark. very wintry. very good. an awful truth leaves just the right amount to the imagination.
happy christmas, bandit, and let's have a great 2014, year of the horse

bandit said...

A month of 20 below Celsius is a bit bleak, KB. Sunlight, above freezing on the weekend! Then back we go ...

I don't know, Tito, is it really hokku? Observational, yes.

Year of the Horse? What will the new year bring, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

William, I just learned of John Carley's passing and wanted to send my sympathies to you. The two of you write such a fine renku which I read in moongarlic.

bandit said...

Thanks, Donna,

It wasn't unexpected, but, still a shock to receive the news.

The man carried himself with such grace throughout his ordeal. As was his manner, his first thoughts were always for others. His compassion and care was boundless. And his encouragement of good writing extended to all he worked with. He had a profound effect on my development in this mutual endeavor of ours. Changed my life, actually.

Aye, Johnnie ... top man, as he liked to say.

Thank you for kind words, Donna.