Saturday, July 26, 2014

summer clouds --
not enough paint to hide
the graffiti

New Resonance 9


mary f.ahearn said...

Lovely haiku and image

altadenahiker said...

Stunning photo.

Bill said...

Very nice work

william sorlien said...

Thanks, all.

I hear it's a bit dry out where you are, Swede. More than a bit.

The photo is the North Dakota/Montana border in late summer 2012, still smoldering after a prairie fire. I saw the smoke from a valley where I was resetting stakes knocked down by cattle. A half mile run to the water tank ... fortunately (for me), the wind was in the other direction.

No cattle were lost, but it took out five mobile homes, two farms, and a huge pole barn containing half a million dollars worth of classic cars - all in about ten minutes.

Tito said...

Fantastic photo! Unsure of how to relate the poem to it, though.

Jane Wieman tells me she was intending to go to an Am. Hai. Fest event at Min. Pt. 7/25-27. Did you manage to meet?