Sunday, January 22, 2017

Quartet: Big City - Moongarlic Issue 8

Quartet: Big City

radiant stars
alight mowed fields and stubble --
rise of the new moon

big city, bleak and cold
yet some still call it home

snow geese take flight
too soon for leaving
or early to return?

out of breath and a little hoarse
from shouting in the wind


boundaries and borders
just lines on a map
beside the Mississippi

should oceans come between us
pray never shall we part

lighting up a cigarette
coffee set to brew,
she types another letter

redolent of a summer day,
my longing resigned to torpor


children being naughty
catch Gramma's swift rebuke,
'flies will stitch your mouth shut!

headlights at the vanishing point
the darkness spurs us on

narratives by design
personal and political
confront us everyday

a little bit stoned
the graduate wanders off


Golden Week queues
stretch around the corner
a cine-plex record

blossoms littering the path
obscure the garden's ruin

no matter how they say it,
play it, or spin it
they'll always cross the line

the last of my tokens
clink into the turnstile


Bill said...

Very nice. I can hear the clink of those tokens.

bandit said...

Another pique in interest; one more final draft