Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Cities of Green Leaves Kukai 2011: Revisited


Aoba Festival --
a yakuta's posh pattern
of sparrows and leaves

Here are the results for the Cities of Green Leaves Ginko No Kukai

A good turnout was had, and votes were well dispersed across the board. I'm not certain of the amount we raised for tsunami relief, although many pledged to contribute funds or their own personal time. Here are those charitable sites again:

Architecture for Humanity

Japanese Red Cross Society

Ngo Jen Official Website

Salvation Army in Japan

Thanks to our many friends in the global haijin community for sharing your poetry with us and helping to make this event a success.

9 points:

Under this bridge
weeds grow from the walls
an old flame

Paul Conneally / England

Spring’s beginning
a violet
the first to know

Lorin Ford / Australia

8 points

kite weather
the wind’s new music
on strings of light

Lorin Ford / Australia

6 points

After the tsunami
a dog comes home
from the sea

Rhonda Poholke / Australia

wide blue sky-
a lone swift traces
the curve of a cloud

Diana Webb / England

visiting each inlet
a monk’s sutra to the sea- -
bird’s return to north

Eiko Yachimoto / Japan

5 points

Suburban ginko
on every mailbox
a tree-cutting brochure

Tzetzka Ilieva

No more leaves
reflected in this pond
the moon

Rhonda Poholke / Australia

green river –
a sparrow flits
from leaf to leaf

Diana Webb / England

4 points

The sacred camphor tree –
The stream glares in the evening sun
Time and place all blur

Masako Fujie / Japan

the spring thaw
awakens primroses
valley dawn

Hidenori Hiruta / Japan

Spring evening
the moon
is my Yoko Ono

John Merryfield / USA

Writing the word
on a haricot bean

Tito / Japan

a breeze -
on the water
sky appearing . . .
under purple irises

Keiko Yurugi / Japan

3 points

spring walk –
four, five, six patches
on my dog’s back

Valeria Simonova-Cecon / Italy

Out of muddy water
iris in thick profusion –
see, the kami smiles!

John Dougill / Japan

Call it an iris or flag,
Elegance blooming
By the pond of singing frogs

Kyoko Norma Nozaki / Japan

Morning sunlight –
the first new leaves ;
on the pollarded Plane

Diana Webb / England

2 points

Thousand prayers drift down
Kashima grows stronger—
each sakura petal

Yousei Hime / USA

Imitating frog croaks
soon, they imitate me:
Green Festival Eve

Mari Kawaguchi / Japan

four bright planets
pulsing in the eastern sky . . .
solo ginko

Barbara A. Taylor / Australia

The rise of full moon –
the May darkness
of my mulberry tree

Eiko Yachimoto / Japan

Portable shrine
beneath a verdurous tree –
the roof decorated
with copper flying swallows

Keiko Yurugi / Japan

1 point

At Ota Shrine
iris bow their pretty heads
while frogs croak prayers

John Dougill / Japan

Rosanjin’s hometown
new green upon the mountains
celadon color

Sharnice Eaton / Japan

seasonal mood swings –
young tea-leaves
in Fukushima

Lorin Ford / Australia

Like a stranger to life :: who will not be renewed :: my green shall be split in two

Grant Hackett / USA

catfish ripples –
one turtle plunges,
one endures

Yousei Hime / USA

Peering through new maple,
sunlight falls on purple flags;
their green blades shake

Michael Lambe / Japan

old ginko tree-
tiny new leaves
a mountain welcome

shanna / USA

In Ota Shrine’s brooklet
tago-frogs welcoming visitors;
“comf, comf, comf!”

Hisashi Miyazaki / Japan

from my land
I walk with you

Rhonda Poholke / Australia

A single teacup -
winter’s icy breath
through skeletal trees

Barbara A. Taylor / Australia



Melissa Allen said...

Nice work from everyone, especially our fearless, insane leader. :)

bandit said...

(on behalf of all) thank you for the compliment, Melissa.

altadenahiker said...

Well, well done. And it does take a streak of courage and insanity to pull this off.

bandit said...

Ah, Swede . . .

A lot of thanks to Melissa for the inspiration (equally looney) and to Tito of Kyoto's Hailstone Haiku Circle for his measured, behind the scenes guidance.

Barbara A Taylor said...

g'day Willie

Thanks for this opportunity.
Congratulations to all.

Peace and Love