Tuesday, June 6, 2017

"You Know The Fix Is In"

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BingoBoggins Bloodstock May 30, 2017 9:47 PM

Fix four hours worth? How long was that history documentary on Netflix? Were you like me, appreciative of trivial information - other times, questioning an apparent motive? What motive is that, pray tell? Why have expectations of motive at all?

It's a bit of a mystery, like a card trick or a coin toss, determining what historical accuracy actually is. And don't we all understand that problems do exist with the media's version of current events. Well, don't we?

Still, it often falls to us to pick a side based on certain ideologies. Did I say yours, or mine? Could I have meant ... the mere suggestion of an unfair advantage, or, some lick spittle's vapid bias?

In many cases it's a matter of expediency, so, just how damn many cases is that, like, a court case, maybe, or a valise you tote into a salon?

"Matter, Schmatter" - who elected you the judge and the jury? And, and, how - why are we always pressed for time, to make a decision, taking the time or making the time, time with family, time that got lost, for the reckoning's sake, always in for a penny or a dime, here one minute and then it's gone - did it ever exist at all? Who the fuck is running this shit show? What do I look like? A drip/dry shirt?

"What's the greatest word in advertising?" once asked my ad man Dad. I said "free" - and he said "new". Could just be another jingle coined on Mad Avenue.

You're right, Bloodstock (... blood stock ... ?? ). The percentages are as good as gold, royalties accounted for, down to the minute, you can bet the checks are in the mail, and how many points did that guy really make if you add in all his perks? Only the invoices know, really, and their true worth - it's only a rumour.

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bandit said...

Mad prose made conscionable, defined by paragraphs?

bandit said...

Re-write, June 13: Had to return to madness. Made me think of Gertrude Stein as i recited it. Reading out loud, again and again. Movements and interludes, a pause - then quickening the pace. A variety of prosody - will it render a whole? Not without a theme, or a mood overall.