Sunday, June 18, 2017



the ceiling leaking,
we all begin to think
like raindrops



Bill said...

I'd call this haiku, but what's in a name? Good, whatever you call it, and Basho would approve of thinking like raindrops.

bandit said...

A bit borderline in my mind, and remembering a gendai poet's description of her senryu as having no kire.
Then, of course, recalling David's technique at the Hokku blog encouraging one to remove oneself from the verse...oh, well.
This old building needs a new roof:
my son has worked in that trade, and after investigating the attic during a recent downpour, he reminded me of an old roofer's addage: think like a raindrop, at least when determining the source of a water leak.
Regarding the damaged plaster ceiling, to paraphrase Master Miyagi (The Karate Kid): mud on, mud off.

altadenahiker said...

Think like a raindrop...I'm going to steal that one someday.

(I don't care if you broke some rules -- not that I'd ever know -- this is poetry.

bandit said...

Yeah?...well, he started it...

Paiku said...

Love it, love it, love it!