Sunday, June 18, 2017



disinfectant smell
how I've aged
these past few years

one bell
answers another
footsteps quickening

waxed floors
from under the curtain
a reflection so bright

specimen cup -
the sound of water

a drop of blood spilt in the million dollar room

fragmentation -
numbered notes on white paper
all in a row

these long halls -
all of the the others
walking away

3 a.m.
I am the ghost
in your hall

I assume the position
of a lizard

like breaking glass
and then -
a quiet knock on the door
i can't stand to hear my name

at shift change, two a.m.
so they might ask,
"what will you do
for the rest of your life?"

the sound of fluids,
cries and voices,
a bell rings and rings
two clocks on the wall
each displays a different time

Latin words and phrases
from behind a closed curtain
a face reflected
in shatterproof glass

behind the locked gate
too dark for it's plumage
a blackbird at rest
we make not a sound
watching each other
enjoy the cool breeze



Nicole Hyde said...


Devika said...

Is this all for real, Williams?
a little too worrying,

Hope you are just fine now, ...God be with you, Williams :)

best wishes,

Devika said...

forgot to say...keep us posted, dear


altadenahiker said...

Worried about you. Sending good wishes.

Norman Darlington said...

Sending lots of good thoughts your way, Willie.

Bill said...

A powerful group.


Anonymous said...

Imagination ? Réalité ? Good.

bandit said...

Attempting some contemporary writing, Marcel...

Thanks, everyone, for your kind thoughts! I'm relegated to shared computer space so I can't add illustrations yet. That's just as well-I was uncertain as to the text. Maybe I've gone too far? hA!

We shall see how I improve from some health issues....soon.

Devika said...

There it is...You sound better, Williams, and thanks for the update :)

best wishes,

T.Migratorius said...

Be well old friend! This prose if touching and real.

lorin said...

hey, Willie...some great writing here. If I had to pick only one it'd be 'shatterproof glass', but there are many moods, even the weirdly comic ('lizard")

Thinking of you & wishing you the best.

comrade harps said...

Your body might be ill, but the writing mind seems as clear and precise and observant as ever.


M Allen said...

Wonderful, precisely observed sequence under what must have been very stressful circumstances.

bandit said...

edited June 18, 2017 Bandit

yeah, it's all good.