Sunday, June 25, 2017

Dog's Breakfast

in a plastic cage
high up on a balcony
the neighbor's cock crows
watching me below
as I talk with the dog

. . . . . Everybody Rock Steady!!



Devika said...

Poor dog!!
so is the cock up there.....what all they have to suffer!

ha! that was kidding, Williams but if may say seriously...this sort of crossed poetics to commentary -- that's my reading,


Devika said...

well, think of it...perhaps the borders are getting more and more blurred -- so i'm not sure with my own reading :)


bandit said...

the rooster on a balcony...he must think me odd.

Devika said...

Yes, it works either way...i guess!
And from here -- i find it all very odd! :))

Don't take it otherwise Williams, I always find it odd when people get close to animals..especially those pets like dogs and cats!


altadenahiker said...

The bond between man and dog is an ancient one.

I really liked this one, Bandit.

bandit said...

a shasei moment attracted more commentary than usual...

I'm waiting for the animal rights activists or the thought police to burst through the door now, all this attention, surely they are in league together, they and the Obama administration.

bandit said...

By Golly, they were!

in league together,
don't stop dancing,
it's like musical chairs
the only way out is to lose,
or, be the last man standing
might's well break the style
'cause nothin' lasts forever

Rock Steady chillin'!!

Rock Steady, moonfly! . . .

put your right foot out . . . put your left foot in!

. . . Rock Steady, lil' chigger bug! Yeah!!

. . . shake your hips, everyone!

Yeah! . . . bust a' style!! . . .Whoop!!

Edited June 25, 2017

bandit said...

Reading an article about an 80s era Soviet defector who confessed to deploying "ideological subversion", to bring down the United States from within, reminds me of finding some John Birch Society handout (circa the early '60's), my father stashed in his papers; a list of 10 methods Communists use to demoralize a National culture. It was printed on a card that would fit in your pocket. He was an ad manager for a newspaper, btw. Cut and paste layout, too, all done by hand.

Haven't got it in front of me, but I recall entertainment and media high on the list of subversive measures. Not much on repetition of catchphrase or idiom, it was only a card with a basic bullet list. Maybe a Society slogan. That would be my expectation.

I see Opportunity; that is, opportunism at play. I'm referring to the ploys both mediums describe. It's about methods of clever persuasion and research via electronic mass media meant to divide and confuse a docile public. Marketing. The best play on emotion, making them hard to resist. Typically, their product is dissent targeting any threat to the Status Quo despite decrying its certain aspects. Odd thing is, nobody addresses the source. They must not be thinking clearly. There's no "endgame" but for exaggerated outcomes.

It's mutual for the Opposition. It ought to be. Seems the radicals in question spend lots of time polishing their "guns" and prepping while the forces behind this Coup run amuck. Are all those dues paying members waiting for "the signal"? I can't say. There are so many causes, of both persuasions, that one can't see the forest for all the coonskin caps, berets, helmets and Balaclavas.

That leaves the people who eschew opinion; "I don't want to get into that." The Noize is loud enough to beat them into submission and accept "things as they are". Otherwise they're part of a trend, as in; under the influence of psychological conditioning, of Blame and Virtue Signaling. The bigger the ego, the louder they scream. Its humbling to have self-doubt. This election brought them out in spades. It seemed everybody was everybody's throats.

The whole shit show's based in Fear. And the major advertiser's are pushing it night and day. Funny? They don't wear any discernible markings.

Damn! Sorry. The Jawbone speaker just vibrated right off the bookcase! I was crankin', Skinheads A Bash Them", some old school Ska and Rock Steady from Jamaica. Young working class Brits would bust a' style in braces and boots and groove to it. I think this one's about Paki's. That's from a time before the Neo-Nazi Believers commandeered their "look".

bandit said...

The Land of 10,000 Laws

Yeah, you caught me in a mood ... I have just encountered the God of "Liability", can't move in before the 5th, or that's the "deadline". Fucks my landlord if that 's true. I chose the high ground (manipulative praise and encouragement, fostering a knowing sense of in-the-loop camaraderie) to turn the property agent to my side. I flirted a little, too. On the West side of the street in the little town of New Richmond, WI, the light wasn't right to turn my eyes a crystalline blue. If it had been she probably would have jumped across the counter and fucked me furiously right there on the commercial carpet. I only had a few minutes at my disposal, nonetheless, I'd already shot my wad in the schmoozing.

The drive was nice. Green things rising from the Earth, stems of some green matter rising, too. someone called it "grass". Not as durable as the bitumen and broken glass I encounter on this side of the river. So that's where water comes from?

Passing a cornfield (lower than the knees still) my roomie, Chuck (his real name is Clark but for the seeking ad he became, forever, Chuck), made a comment. I replied with great authority, "That's Cornholio's place, Chuck." His face remained impassive - love this guy. "Brother of Mescalito, the third (some outlandish BS, I don't remember). They are the Gods."

On the way we degraded every Institution that came to mind in the same manner, like any two lifetime losers should. I wish I had a tape recording. Priceless. Soon, we passed the point of greatest deer roadkill in the world and were enveloped in the welcoming arms of the Heart of California in the North. Not long 'til we wave that Land goodbye, in the ritual included a change of number to the land line. I'll never forget it though. Stepping up soon to responsibility to paying for trash pickup, on the Carousel to grab futility and the ring of Freedom.

I won't miss those whiny cunts one bit.