Thursday, September 14, 2017

"To bring the AUMF to an end, "the public has got to speak out, organize, and mobilize," Lee


bandit said...

This is a gift; why do we throw it away?

Because we continue to choose sides; we're so enamored of the divisiveness and "joining" one clique or another we can't see the obvious solution.

So then, allowing people to die is part of sustaining your ego?
Don't expect any kind words from me; I choose to be your worst nightmare, I am the fear in your heart that drives you to distraction, the shame on your soul that banishes your future to disaster, your memory to soil and ash.

For that I shall be damned, and I will do it gladly. I have no other choice. It's only fair I WARN YOU IN ADVANCE.

bandit said...

"The amendment would have ended the current Authorization for Use of Military Force within six months and forced Congress to vote on authorizing wars beyond that."

bandit said...

Consider: this is the vital key to the United States hegemony that is intent on ruling the world, even if it means destroying any part of it that it cannot control.

How do you stop it?

With only your voice, and your action. Congress will relent if threatened with the loss of their greatest desire; total control of ours and the world's destiny.

It's a very lucrative proposition, much as the unelected EU hierarchy is a sham.

Remain quiet and hand over your children's future. Speak out, and they may have a chance. See? You do have a choice.


bandit said...

This is the Switch board number to Washington and the Senate:


This is your course of action.

1)Call your Senator's offices and inform them they are fired effective immediately.

2)Offer them one chance to retain their job; a motion to reconsider and a subsequent yea vote to repeal the AUMF, as offered by Senator Paul.

3)If they decline to answer, send them a formal letter asking for their resignation or suffer the consequences; the public humiliation of a firing for cause; dereliction of duty.

bandit said...

Pentagon Falsifies Weapons Transfer Records:

Why am I not surprised?