Sunday, December 31, 2017

* * * * 2014 西宮神社 福男選び * * * * Nishinomiya Shrine Fukuo Select

Choosing the “luckiest man”! Every Jan 10th, there is a race at the Nishinomiya Jinja Shrine (in Hyogo Prefecture)…a mad dash of 230m from the gate to the main hall. The first 3 people to arrive are called the “Lucky Men”…and of course the winner is the “Luckiest Man”!

Green Shinto


bandit said...

As for the New Year celebrations in Japan, I may be jumping the gun here at Haiku Bandit Society with my allusions and historical references as lean as they may be.

In that instance, I'll once again allow John Dougill and his Green Shinto blog to delight and entertain, as well as distract from my blatant pedantry.

You'll find the link in the right column under Asymmetry

bandit said...

"jumping the gun"

Now there is an entirely appropriate idiom for this topic:::

"starting too soon"