Friday, February 8, 2019


We boldly mounted the stairs and strode into the apartment above, then a look around the bleak interior and, finally, opening the refrigerator to find it empty.
Once I had seen that mother's resignation, sitting on the only furnishing in the unit, an uncovered mattress, her face in beatific repose despite her helplessness ...
I just felt ashamed ... it was if she'd been waiting, specifically for our entrance, to offer herself for our condemnation.
I'd expected to find thugs and thieves to offer them, "the element of surprise". Numbers didn't matter. My intuition apprised me, so brazen was their disregard, that they had no chance. Instead, we found three little boys throwing toys out the window at passing cars, apparently, the only belongings in the entire household.

harvest festival
halcyon days
in River Town

. . . . for Zoe

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