Saturday, April 18, 2020

Vestager: fighting the virus or protecting privacy not a choice



The EU’s digital chief Margrethe Vestager has sought to allay privacy fears over the use of certain mobile applications in the fight against the coronavirus, a day after the EU rolled out a series of recommendations for the use of such technologies.


François Lachance said...


I have been lurking through many phases and many moons. This may be of interest to readers and lurkers alike.

I heard a CBC interview with Brenda McPhail related to privacy rights and pandemics on the Sunday Edition.

A timeline haiku 2U

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bandit said...

Then you've read me in all my best and worst examples and disheveled states of mind.
How pitiable, poor reader.
The word privacy never appears in the U.S. Constitution.
There is mention of Commerce, however.
My lot has been absorbed with the production, and ownership of money.
Don't fuck with mine; rule # 1.
More gauche than having been killed once or twice, I still look to its disbursement for certain truths.
The rest, for some intents and purposes, is distraction.
Thanks for the endorsement for viewing. You might want to try
I start with a big heaping bowl of DisObey, generally, to start my day.
You'd be surprised how little of authority is real.

bandit said...

But VN deals with France, as well the post colonial world.
Funny I should pigeonhole you for your name ... how typically American.
The Earth is flat, and its northern frontier drops like a rock just after Dulut' and that udder place across da water dere. Slick as a margarine tub in winter, it's hills like that of St. Paul, water front and skid row nostalgic and a bootleg out camp for the likes of Pigs Eye Parrant. t'ings ain't changed much. Ja ...
So I heard MontreaL got built by illegal labor with the union's blessing 'round '06 or so. Como chingas. Even Trudeau needs to pad the votes? The only time I thought of visiting for the waters, and some meager employment. Surely, it is more temperate and less severe than those winds out of Dakota, snow like a hod full of raw cinnamon, dumped on our lefse and left for days uncovered in nature's Frigidaire.
I'll eat anything if I'm hungry enough. Too embarrassed for anyone to observe. This is the essence of Scandanavian stoicism. I love my wife so much I almost told her so.
Migrants don't have much say in matters above and beyond the heart. Most, we does what we're told and take whatever we want when no one is looking. Coyotes are barely worthy of tormenting the mildest house pet. Evidence is empirical and conjured by cops. They only lie to impress or out of resentment. Cruelty is a blessing and much simpler. Not caring is a remarkable defense.
He seemed such a mature and confident young man. Perhaps his allegiances to the old guard still shine through?
Nonsense. It don't exist cuz I says so! I'll bet my blue tocque on it.