Wednesday, February 23, 2011


taqueira, 2 a.m. back sliders and night riders



altadenahiker said...

I thought I'd stumbed on a foodie blog by accident.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

my mother has that set of dishware. i'm also reminded that i need to go out and buy a pomegranite tree

bandit said...

I went to the Guthrie theater with the college on a $5 discount ticket! Rode a charter bus over there; one Hell of a good cheap date.
After the show I cast about for one of the actors. I recognized him from my High School days. He played "Toledo" in a Penumbra Theater production of 'Ma Rainy's Black Bottom' staged at the Guthrie that evening. He didn't come into view. It was only then I noticed the bus had left, leaving me stranded in downtown Minneapolis. I tried to convince some Somali cab drivers to "high flag" me back to St. Paul for $25, but they weren't buying it. Suddenly, nobody spoke English anymore.
I bitched a little bit, then took off on foot down Washington Ave. towards Hennepin. It was 10 degrees out, but I was dressed in layers, so I was fairly comfortable.
Seeing no bus traffic at that time of night, I stopped in at a bar to reconnoiter. It was named the Eagle, and guys in black leather were making out near the bar back. I ordered a Corona with lemon.
After awhile I went out to the patio for a smoke. While there I got involved in the periphery of a political discussion about the Wisconson legislature and Japanese aesthetics with various people, including a Shotokan black belt with a shattered hip.
Some really hot lesbians came in scantily dressed in fishnets, hotpants and thigh high boots. I ignored them as best I could except for sneaking glances at one girl's tattoos on her midriff. I found them to be tasteful. Somebody said I looked like Sam Shepard.
Bidding my new friends adieu, I took a cab back to my vehicle twelve miles past my East Side apartment to retrieve my truck from the school. A record snowfall was imminent the next day, and I remembered our snowstorm early in the season when I spent twelve hours digging out and chasing stray motorists from my territory, threatening extreme violence over a little piece of asphalt. The taxi's tab came to $50 and I tipped the cabbie a ten spot.
I rolled home, hungry at 2 am, when I noticed a taqueria on the lower East Side with a ton of cars parked outside. I pulled up and before I went in, checked my gear including a little sticker I carry that's under the legal length. The bars close at 2 around here, so you don't know what you'll get into at that time of night on this side of town.
The joint was filled with Mexican nationals who'd been out clubbing and young Asians from a wedding. Everybody was drunk except for a cop in the corner booth who ignored everyone. The fishnet stocking theme was carried over in abundance. I kept a smile on my face the whole time.
The food wasn't half bad.

John Merryfield said...

This (above) is brillant!