Saturday, March 12, 2011


one glove lost
the other thrown away
our spring walk



bandit said...

No word from Japan, yet.
I have contacts on the coast, Sendai, Tokyo, Yokohama included - I'm worried.

me said...

That sounds like the lifecycle of my mittens.

you have friends/family in japan?
hope you hear good news soon.

Jean Spitzer said...

We keep the stray gloves.

Yes, from here, worry and wait are about all that one can do.

bandit said...

Mostly renku friends I have up north there.
Most others in Kansai area around Kyoto, the old southern capital. Hidenori san is in Akita, far north. Takke is in the Tokyo region. I hope he was drinking; less likely to get hurt in a tumble when you're "relaxed", aye, Takke? I jest - Takke is an experienced translator.
Ms Eiko has made contact from the Tokyo Bay area. A graduate of the U of M, sorry, that's here in Minnesota, rumor has it she was in a 20 story building at the time of the main quake. But, rumors abound, don't they?
I googled a satellite pic of a visitor from Sendai - this has me most worried.
Sakuo san and Gabi sensei are neighbors, I believe, inlanders, is my guess. Niigata has checked in twice in the last 24 hours. That's on the coast facing Korea, with historic Sado Island in between.
Can you believe it? A hit on this site from Fukushima City, just prior to the latest evacuation from around the stricken nuclear reactors. . . Haiku spirit!