Saturday, December 24, 2011

Straight, No Chaser

a rhythm in every movement in time with the universe is there no god?

neuropathy in my fingers and toes

a bag of small stones at the dollar store i settle on goofy eyes and crooked teeth

huddling close with three small dogs

this love affair on again off again a closet full of hats

browsing the internet I can't find my keys



altadenahiker said...

Are your legs warm?

bandit said...


Like my new machete?

Pasadena Adjacent said...

I would have chosen the bag of stones - I have chosen the bag of stones.

Merry Christmas past. Careful with the machete. That's what we recovered from the trunk of our car at the impound lot - after it had been stolen. That and a huge bill via the impound lot. The thief got off. Because he was here illegally. Did they send him back across the border? no. But they did offer us the opportunity to press charges - if we could find the fellow

^ ^ ^
off topic? I do that

alegria Imperial said...

Love the 'closet full of hats'

waning crescent
she turns to his side
basking in the sun

bandit said...

for once, no comment

bandit said...

on second thought:

referring to January river of stones, or finding a stone, everybody must get stoned, whatever it is . . .

typically, I'm not a joiner, but I feel the cabin fever setting in.

the dogs must feel the same way, or they're scared by the washing machine - hard to type with three dogs on your lap - I'm building them a fort on the sofa.

gah, i wish i had a camera.

bandit said...

P.A., you should write more renku with us.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Happy New year Bandit, Dotty and Co

me - more of a story teller