Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

speaking to tomorrow
the disciple, already there
winter wind

Happy New Year from Minnesota!



Pasadena Adjacent said...

Good grief! are those icicles? Happy New Year to you

altadenahiker said...

At first I thought you were washing your truck. Happy New Year's, Bandit.

Adelaide said...

Happy New year to you, as well.


Vida said...

Happy New Year!

Bill said...

Haiku happen. Happy new year.

bandit said...

Icicles - the weather's been funny this year . . . more proof of global warming.

I never wash my truck in the winter, 'Hiker. Pointless. See the dent in the side? I was whippin' a donut and hit a boulder of ice. Too much fun!

No winter hat, Adelaide? Charmed, as ever.

Vida!! See you on the moooon . . .

Hey, Bill! It do, it sure do.