Monday, November 2, 2015


riders on a platform
drawn by the busker's voice -
distant trains


Bill said...

I recognize the moment, even though we don't call them buskers around here.

bandit said...

Nor do we. But middle-aged African American male of questionable means belting out old school R & B like his life depended on it (pant, wheeze) just wouldn't cut it.

So, the adage becomes "eternal".

Is busker archaic? Or, still applicable to the British Isles, maybe? I sure miss me best mate John.

Magyar said...


coins rattle
in this open guitar case
subway stop

__Or, perhaps, a BUSk stop? _m

Adelaide said...

Some of them are good. Then, there are others who should be gagged.


bandit said...

Or take a few lessons, aye, Adelaide?