Thursday, June 22, 2017

March '09 - brief discussion of death and haiku

spring rain
at sunset


altadenahiker said...

I don't know Bandit. I was thinking Haiku could give a pattern to some difficult things in life. But I saw a dog hit by a car this morning. He cried and jumped into the woods. I've looked for him all day. Well, naturally I notified the authorities as well. But where is he? I won't sleep tonight. And I can't get this misery into three lines of poetry. I tried.

bandit said...

don't inject yourself into the verse-just state what you see.

you love dogs, don't you?

so do i.

altadenahiker said...

Yes I do. Ok, I'll give it a try.

bandit said...

edited June 24, 2017 - moved the preposition to line 3. The shortest haiku I've written; 5 words.

I pissed off Swede months ago, haven't seen her since. Not in person. We've never met. Only online, actually. A shame really - always looked up to her. Yes. Up. Truly a writer, a mechanic, if you will, she'd master any style - even with a male pseudonym - articles for a medical journal at $300 bucks a pop, no less. The woman can write circles around me standing on her head.

Why take that job? She has to eat. That's how she makes her living. What kind of guts that must take, that quiet moxie, the balls. A "starving poet?", you might dare ask. No, sir, and watch your mouth. She'd make some wry crack about it, make you laugh, make you smile. Write a line or turn of phrase that'd bring tears to your eyes, might make her a poet - I just hope she might forgive me - come back, Mrs. Parker.