Thursday, June 22, 2017

Church Row


used to hang our by the canal behind my house and smoke weed tilll an alligator came up behind once when we realised we could die - ah youth ... ;) perhapsi spoke to soon ... new photos may be forthcoming.

Oh, you silly girl.

church row?

across the canal where you sat teh building markers. To the West on the map you provided.

After 9/11?

"News & Opinion"

evidence faceboo k's investor cIA's start-up incubator In-Q-Tel. Oh! f it, a link to an article, but n need to rush and read it.

(relie too much on spell check . Double Post

Which is a reason I reason I destroys continuity of thought, an ability to analyze situations or argue logically. its emotional roller coaster funnels people into a queue through eternal damnation, feedback loop's and promotional tools. there's no escaping; a real dog's breakfast.

con't // no more

between church row
and red lounge records -
a "Missing" poster on a pole

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bandit said...

No, you haven't said this before. You describe it better than a dead man walking through limbo trying to relate his rituals that kept him safe and the catalysts to his Power, mysterious in origin as they may be. It only comes out garbled, a lost connection, you, a laughing stock to be disparaged. At your lowest point you might succumb, a weblink to be replaced.

The Fever's Curse is like that, the Shaman' s medicine powerful enough to repel you even though you can't stop for the trying, but the effects, the dream-like mumbo jumbo, self defeating if you allow them to dissuade you from your Quest, dismissed as some lowly glitch. I caution you, nay, remember, the Shaman has many allies, like a virus amuck, not always recognizable on its interface.

Kinda like the Mojo in the Web. Do you recite the Words or just practice chanting while you work? "101011010010101101101010 ..."
I don't know either of 'em - can't recite the Word for shit, collate or align my margins of error, never to Excel - I couldn't muster even a twitter if I were so bold enough to try.

Do you think Bill Gates will become Supreme Emperor some day? Some say he's not a man; others, just a myth. I fear there's a power that be more powerful than he, terrabytes beyond measure, even on his best day in the Internet of Things. Who they may be, nobody's really sure. We're all kept in the dark, most of the time, power off and shut down - though be careful what you wish for. Orwell's ghost told me that. Yeah. I saw him. It scared me for awhile, like some EMP had carried me away - until I remembered what, no, who I was there for.