Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Take A Break: Half Kasen

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bandit said...

That last image; I'd just received Enhaiklopedia, a book of haiku from the Hailstone group in Japan. You can gather by the title it covered a range of topics; a mandala? Tito had addressed the package with his own hand.

Perhaps, not. Nor is this a proper renku sequence. Why is War so high on the agenda? That's breaking the Rules.

Nor is it a perfect sequence in regard to seasons,moon or blossom though love appears, more often than not. Like many a composition, compromises were made - lone by the lone participant. As Sabaki, I doubt I'll give in to many anymore. Some good poems were ruined that way, stopped, dead in their tracks, for someone's desire of control. I won't put up with it anymore. One of mine that made it to it's conclusion however - they're somewhat rare.

And that hat in the final position. I still have it ... ten years gone by? It can't be. Like its bearer, its rather worn now but still as gritty. I just can't throw it away. I keep it with some others ina room somewhere.

Spring was in the air, and after admiring the package and stamps collected, I tore it open and began to read. Dottie seemed interested, and immediately jumped in my lap and gave it a sniff - had a rabbit investigated, also? They must smell the same the world over?

We sat together in the warm light of afternoon, me reading aloud, Dottie huffing and snuffing comfortably, resting on my forearm and just listening. After awhile she fell into deep slumber and dreamed ...