Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Wheel: redux

Were their lives prearranged, I wonder? But how can that be possible? I may or may not fear the truth. Actually, I don't feel much of anything at all. Not anymore.

Our fate may already be sealed, a record of the future written eons ago the deciding factor, for that matter, perhaps by the turn of some monolithic, cosmic wheel. But, where's the point in dawdling in metaphysical claptrap? Although - still can't explain - when I saw her for the first time.

In appearance, at least, she was very young. Her face, when set just so, affected an innocence that mirrored the little boy's perfect features exactly. Once she became aware I was watching; the corners of her mouth curling, her jawline rising ever so slightly, exposing her flawless throat, I doubt anything missed her attention ... for the briefest of moments I imagined her offering it like ripe fruit for the taking. "This can't be," I thought. Had she just made a gesture? My cheeks flushed a little. Was there a sign, maybe? "What the Hell am I thinking?" I hadn't looked away, however. Her eyes, and their gaze, were inescapable.

No shame or remorse there, near crystalline in perfection, I still couldn't be sure. There it was again! Something - imperceptible, an expectation, perhaps. A clever deceit? I knew I'd aroused it. Intuition maybe, revealed in that, in her best feature, belying calm and wisdom beyond her years, or mine, of an awful, knowing Consciousness.

I turned aside, mumbled some hurried excuse and walked away. Yes. I was certain.

summer crows,
languid in their searching --
the old school ground


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